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DBS Cashline. Sign up online now & enjoy up to 3 months interest free.

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Turn opportunities into possibilities in an instant

When there are opportunities to be seized, count on DBS Cashline for easy access to cash. With flexible repayment options and fast approval, you will be ready to realize possibilities at every stage of your life.

If you are earning S$1,700 & above per month, you can now apply for DBS Cashline!

Enjoy these benefits:

  • Get credit limit up to 4X your monthly income (with a maximum of S$200,000)
  • 2-year annual fee waiver
  • Low interest rate from 1.48% per month
  • Pay interest only on what you use
  • Flexible repayments
  • 24/7 easy access to cash via DBS/ POSB ATMs, iBanking and complimentary chequebooks

Apply at DBS branches for same-day approval*

Get same-day approval for your new Cashline and Cashline Instalment Loan application at all DBS branches!

Visit any DBS branches with your

  1. original identity document(s) and
  2. Singpass to retrieve your CPF Contribution History Statement and/ or Notice of Assessment at the branch. Additional income documents may be required upon submission of application at the branch.

Available from Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 5pm and Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm (except public holidays). Click here for the branch operating hours. Applications and required documents received after the said hours will be processed on the next working day.

Alternatively, SMS Cash<space>Name<space>NRIC to 76060.

* DBS will only process applications that meet the bank's internal requirements and if the system for same-day approval is available at the point of application. DBS reserves the right to reject any application and/or grant a lower limit at its sole discretion.

Apply for Cashline Instalment Loan now!

Terms and conditions apply.
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Revision to DBS Cashline Terms and Conditions

<Updated 30 Jun 2014> : Please note that we have made further revisions to clause 9 of the DBS Cashline Terms and Conditions which will come into effect on 1st August 2014. For the list of changes, click here.

<Updated 30 May 2014> :Please be informed that revisions have been made to the DBS Cashline Terms and Conditions which will take effect on 1st July 2014. For the full list of changes, click here.

Click here to view the latest Cashline Terms and Conditions