S$ Fixed Deposit

DBS Fixed Deposits

This account lets you save a fixed amount of money in Singapore Dollars (S$) for a fixed period at a fixed interest rate. If you are 55 years old and above, you are eligible for DBS Premier Income Account.


  • Affordable deposit amounts: From as little as S$1,000.
  • Wide choice of tenors: From 1 day to 24 months.
  • Convenient deposit methods: If you have an existing S$ Fixed Deposit Account with us, you may perform a new placement via iBanking or at any of our branches.
  • Automatic renewals: Upon maturity, your deposit will be automatically renewed for the same tenor at the prevailing interest rate unless you instruct otherwise. You can provide us with your new maturity instructions via DBS iBanking at least 8 calendar days before the maturity date.
  • Overdraft facility: You can use your S$ Fixed Deposit as collateral to apply for an overdraft facility at a competitive rate.