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Access key banking services on your mobile with the mBanking app!


Enjoy the added convenience of banking on the go with these new features:

  • Improved Navigation:
    Access your favourite services at your fingertips.
  • Introducing Asian insights:
    A brand new feature you can subscribe to for the latest financial news alerts on your phone.
  • Access to full suite of mobile apps:
    Make full use of the apps that DBS has to offer without having to download other apps.

Close to 1 million customers trust mBanking to:

Enjoy total peace of mind when you perform transactions on mBanking:



Here’s how we keep you safe while banking with us:

  • 100% confidence with automatic coverage under our Money Safe Guarantee – In the unlikely event that there is an unauthorized transaction, we will repay the money taken from your account.
  • Safe and secure transactions with Transaction Signing and (multifactor authentication) & transaction alerts.

  • Download mBanking to start banking on-the-go. mBanking app is compatible with:

iOS 6.1 or aboveAndroid 4.0 and above

More information on how to protect yourself online.

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Product Details


What you need

What you can do

User ID


Mobile Phone

New IB Secure Device

  • Login to iBanking
  • View Account Balance
  • iBanking_icon

For your convenience, you will only need your IB User ID & PIN to login. No IB Secure Device is needed. To ensure confidentiality, all key account details are masked.



  • Transaction History
  • Bill Payment
  • Funds Transfer
  • … and more  

Use the new SMS login feature or IB Secure Device to perform selected transactions securely.

  • High value transactions
  • Add new payees
  • Update personal particulars
  • token_icon

Secure your key transactions using Transaction Signing with your new IB Secure Device.


  • Quick Access to Account Summary: login to iBanking and view your Account Summary using only your User ID and PIN. No iB Secure Device is required.
  • SMS Login: access selected services such as Transaction History and low value funds transfer conveniently using ibanking OTP (One Time Password) sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone.
  • Transaction signing: perform higher value transactions of up to S$25k with a more secure authentication process using your iB Secure Device.

Enjoy added security with ease of mind today!

How to Apply

We are committed to providing you a safe and convenient experience online. If you need further details or clarifications, please refer to the Security FAQ Transaction signing.

If you are new to iBanking or have requested for a replacement device.

What you need on hand:

  • iB Secure Device.
  • Letter accompanying iB Secure Device.


How to register:

  • Login to iBanking.
  • Follow the simple on screen instructions.


Login now

How to Use

Using the iBanking Secure Device

Now easier than ever with on-screen instructions, every step of the way.

For your convenience, you only need your User ID and PIN to check your Account Summary. No iB Secure Device is required.

For other transactions, simply follow the on-screen instructions for the various procedures to perform Transaction Signing.


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  1. What is DBS mBanking?

    DBS mBanking gives you the freedom and convenience of using your mobile phone to access DBS iBanking's most popular features. You can check your account balance, view transaction history (up to 90 days), transfer funds, and pay bills to your existing payees.

  2. How do I download and login to mBanking?

    To download mBanking mobile app, simply SMS “mobile” to 77327 or visit the App store. Once you have installed the mobile app on your mobile device, please proceed to login with your iBanking User ID and PIN. DBS mBanking app version 3.3 is only compatible with both iTune platform (iOS 6.1 or above) and Android platform (OS version 4.0 and above)

  3. What are the platforms supported by mBanking?

    DBS mBanking app version 3.3 is compatible with both iTune platform (iOS 6.1 or above) and Android platform (OS version 4.0 and above)

  4. Is there a fee to access DBS mBanking?

    DBS mBanking is a free service to give you greater convenience. However, SMS and data access charges may apply. Please contact your mobile service provider for details on data charges.

  5. How do I access my account on DBS mBanking?

    For existing DBS iBanking customers, simply login to DBS mBanking on your mobile phone (via the application or your browser) using the same iBanking User ID, PIN and DBS iB Secure Device you use to access your iBanking account.

    If you're not a DBS iBanking customer yet, simply sign up for iBanking here

    Note: For first time iBanking users, please login to iBanking first before you proceed to mBanking.

  6. How do I do funds transfer?

    There are 3 kinds of funds transfer that you can do on DBS/POSB mBanking:

    • Funds Transfer To My A/C - transfer funds within your own DBS/POSB accounts.
    • Funds Transfer To Other DBS/POSB A/C - transfer funds to another DBS/POSB account.
    • Funds Transfer To Other Bank - transfer funds to account of another bank in Singapore.

    Simply follow these steps below to perform a Funds Transfer.

    Other DBS/POSB A/C

    • Log in to DBS/POSB mBanking
    • Select “Funds Transfer”
    • Select “Funds Transfer: Manage Payee List & Settings” >> “Add new DBS/POSB Payee”.
    • Input the name of payee, payee account number, your initials and continue to confirmation.
    • Once Payee is added, select “Funds Transfer” once again.
    • Select “Funds Transfer To Other DBS/POSB A/C”
    • Continue with the onscreen instructions to proceed with funds transfer to added payees.

    Other Bank

    • Log in to DBS/POSB mBanking
    • Select “Funds transfer”
    • Select “Funds Transfer: Manage Payee List & Settings” >> “Add new Other Bank Payee”.
    • Input the payee bank code, payee branch code, payee account number, your initials (optional)*, and the name you wish to give to the account and continue to confirmation.
    • Once Payee is added, select “Funds Transfer” once again.
    • Select “Funds Transfer To Other Banks”
    • Choose the type of funds transfer method preferred and continue with the simple instructions on screen to proceed

  7. How do I perform Bill Payment?

    You can pay bills to more than 150 billing organizations on mBanking. Simply follow the steps below to perform a Bill Payment:

    • Log in to DBS/POSB mBanking
    • Click on “Payments”
    • Choose  “Bill Payment” or “Pay Other Banks Credit Card”
    • Add billers or payees and proceed with payment or select from your own personalised list of bill payment records
    • Enter the payment details, and confirm the transaction.

  8. Is DBS mBanking secure?

    Yes. DBS mBanking gives you the same security features as when you bank online through DBS iBanking.

    • Your access is protected by a secure login procedure using 2-Factor Authentication.
    • Accounts are protected by 128-bit encryption.
    • Personal account information is not stored on your mobile phone, so your account information is secure if your phone is ever lost or stolen.
    • DBS mBanking is also backed by the DBS iBanking money safe guarantee - a Singapore first!


  9. Do I need to inform DBS if I change my mobile number or mobile phone?

    Changing your mobile number will not affect your access to mBanking, however please update your details with us through your iBanking account to continue to enjoy mobile alerts for your iBanking transactions.

    There is no need to inform us of a change of mobile phone. To access mBanking, simply download the application onto your new mobile phone.

  10. What happens if I lose my mobile phone?

    None of your personal account information is stored on your mobile phone, so your account information is secure even if your phone is lost or stolen.

  11. How do I get a replacement iBanking User ID and PIN if I have forgotten it?

    If you have forgotten your User ID and/or PIN, here are three easy ways to retrieve your User ID and reset your PIN:

    • Via our website:
      Please note that a registered DBS iB Secure Device is required to complete the transaction online. You can use the new PIN immediately to login to iBanking.
    • At any DBS/POSB ATM:
      Simply select: More Services > PIN Services /Internet Banking > Reset iB PIN/Print iB User ID
    • Complete our mail-in form:
      Complete the Service Request: User ID/PIN, DBS iB Secure Device form and mail it to us. We will then send you a new iBanking User ID and PIN.


Transaction Signing

  1. What is Transaction Signing?

    Transaction Signing is a procedure introduced in Dec 2012 as part of an industry-wide initiative to bring you a more secure online banking environment. It is used for certain "high-risk" transactions like adding payees, updating personal particulars, or performing high-value transactions.

  2. Why was I not prompted to enter OTP after entering my iBanking User ID and PIN?

    With the introduction of Transaction Signing, changes have been made to make it easier and more convenient to transact on iBanking. To provide you quick and easy access to your basic account information, you only need to login using your User ID and PIN.

  3. Can we access DBS/POSB iBanking without token?

    Yes, you are now able to conveniently perform selected services such as Transaction History and low value fund transfers and bill payment conveniently using SMS OTP that is sent to your mobile phone registered with the bank.

    To allow us to direct the SMS to the correct phone number, please ensure that you register your mobile phone number with us at the earliest. Registration may be done at either any of our ATMs, or by completing the form found here

Transaction Alerts

  1. What are transaction alerts?

    The bank has introduced email and SMS notification alerts when you perform selected transactions via iBanking and mBanking as well as other channels. This enhanced security feature helps ensure that you are immediately alerted on any unauthorized transactions. Click here to view the selected transactions.

  2. How do I register my mobile number and email address for the transaction alerts?

    Simply login to DBS/POSB iBanking and select ‘Update Particulars and Contact Preferences’ to register your email address and mobile number.

Money Safe Guarantee

  1. What is Money Safe Guarantee?

    DBS is the 1st bank in Singapore that guarantees your money is 100% safe when you bank online. This means you can get back money lost from your account through any unauthorised transaction. As an iBanking customer, you will be automatically covered by this guarantee.

iBanking OTP

  1. What is iBanking OTP?

    iBanking OTP serves as an additional security feature that uses a One Time Password authorisation. You will need to register your mobile number with the Bank in order to receive iBanking OTP via SMS for the following:

    • SMS Login – An 6-digit OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. SMS Login is a feature introduced in Dec 2012 as an alternative second factor authentication on top of using the iB Secure Device.
    • Transactions – An 6-digit OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS to authorize and complete selected transactions such as Update Personal Details.
    • Notifications – SMS alerts will be sent to your registered mobile number upon completion of your online transactions.

  2. Can I share my mobile number with my family?

    The bank uses SMS to communicate transaction alerts and one-time passwords (OTP) for bank transactions, these alerts and SMSes are confidential and meant to be viewed by the account holder only.

    As such, a mobile number is unique to each customer on our record – this is in place to safeguard our customer’s interests.