Frequently Asked Questions

What is DBS mBanking?
DBS mBanking gives you the freedom and convenience of using your mobile phone to access DBS iBanking's most popular features. You can check your account balance, view transaction history (up to 90 days), transfer funds, and pay bills to your existing payees.
Is there a fee to access DBS mBanking?
DBS mBanking is a free service to give you greater convenience. However, SMS and data access charges may apply. Please contact your mobile service provider for details on data charges.
Can I use any mobile phone model to access DBS mBanking?
DBS mBanking can be used across over 400 different types of phones. Please have a look at our extensive list of compatible handsets on the Get Started page to check if your mobile phone model is supported.
Do I need to download a special application to use DBS mBanking?
To give you greater flexibility and convenience, there are two options available:
  1. Download the application:
    Download the application on your phone for an enhanced mobile banking experience. There are richer colours, text displays and faster access to information.
  2. Use your browser
    No download is required. Simply launch your phone's browser and go to
How do I download this application?
Before downloading the application to your phone, check if your phone is compatible. If not, you have option of using your browser to access mBanking, by visiting

To download the application, just follow these steps:

  1. SMS "Mobile" to 77DBS (77327) to download the DBS mBanking application.
  2. After receiving a SMS response from DBS, click on the displayed link.
  3. The DBS mBanking application will be downloaded automatically.

If you're an iPhone user, please download the application at the Apple App Store, by searching for "DBS".
How do I access my account on DBS mBanking?
For existing DBS iBanking customers, simply login to DBS mBanking on your mobile phone (via the application or your browser) using the same iBanking User ID, PIN and DBS iB Secure Device you use to access your iBanking account.

If you're not a DBS iBanking customer yet, simply sign up for iBanking here

Note: For first time iBanking users, please login to iBanking first before you proceed to mBanking.
Is DBS mBanking secure?
Yes. DBS mBanking gives you the same security features as when you bank online through DBS iBanking.
  • Your access is protected by a secure login procedure using 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Accounts are protected by 128-bit encryption.
  • Personal account information is not stored on your mobile phone, so your account information is secure if your phone is ever lost or stolen.
  • DBS mBanking is also backed by the DBS iBanking money safe guarantee - a Singapore first!
Do I need to inform DBS if I change my mobile number or mobile phone?
Changing your mobile number will not affect your access to mBanking, however please update your details with us through your iBanking account to continue to enjoy mobile alerts for your iBanking transactions.

There is no need to inform us of a change of mobile phone. To access mBanking, simply download the application onto your new mobile phone.
What happens if I lose my mobile phone?
None of your personal account information is stored on your mobile phone, so your account information is secure even if your phone is lost or stolen.
How do I get a replacement iBanking User ID and PIN if I have forgotten it?
If you have forgotten your User ID and/or PIN, here are three easy ways to retrieve your User ID and reset your PIN:
  1. Via our website:
    Please note that a registered DBS iB Secure Device is required to complete the transaction online. You can use the new PIN immediately to login to iBanking.
  2. At any DBS/POSB ATM:
    Simply select: More Services > PIN Services /Internet Banking > Reset iB PIN/Print iB User ID
  3. Complete our mail-in form:
    Complete the Service Request: User ID/PIN, DBS iB Secure Device form and mail it to us. We will then send you a new iBanking User ID and PIN.
Can I access DBS mBanking if I am travelling overseas?
Yes. You can access DBS mBanking anywhere as long as you have a wireless Internet or data connection on your mobile phone. Please note that overseas data roaming and access charges may apply.