DBS Update Profile - via iBanking

As your bank of choice, we are always seeking for ways to serve you better. So tell us more about yourself via your iBanking profile! We offer an array of online features for your convenience.

Update Personal Details
Update your contact numbers, email address and employment details.

Change of Address
For your convenience, you can even inform us in advance (up to a maximum of 30 days), before you move to your new address.
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Change of PIN
Change your 6-9 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) anytime you like.
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Choose Preferred Brand
If you have both a DBS and POSB account, you have a choice of viewing either a DBS or POSB screen. You can also amend your preferred screen design anytime you wish to do so. You can find this function under 'Customer Service' on the left navigation bar within iBanking.

Email Alerts
Email Alerts allow you to receive email notifications on your iBanking transactions. You can also opt to receive updates on our products and services to always stay abreast of our latest product offers.

  1. What are the services available for email notifications?

    The following are mandatory notifications on your transactions:
    • Update Personal Details
    • Update Address
    • Change d2pay (eNETS) Limit
    • Change Funds Transfer Limit (To Other DBS/POSB Account)
    • Change Funds Transfer Limit  (To Other Bank)

    You may opt to receive notifications on these additional transactions:

    • Add New Billing Arrangement
    • Add Giro Arrangement
    • Pay Easy : Mail IB Cheque
    • Pay Easy : Mail Demand Draft
    • Bill Payment (pre-arranged)
    • Future Dated Bill Payment (pre-arranged)
    • d2pay (eNETS) transactions
  3. What if I do not wish to receive any updates on products and services?

    On the Email Alerts page, select the option "No, I do not wish to receive the latest updates on the products and services."

How do I start to update my profile and access these services?
Simply log into your iBanking account, and click on ‘Update My Profile’ found on the navigation column on the left.

Contact Us
Our customer service officer is just a click away. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, as we are always keen to hear from you.