ATM Card Skimming

Fraud prevention advice

As part of continual efforts to reinforce ATM security for our customers, DBS has installed card security devices throughout its ATM network.

This device prevents would-be fraudsters from placing a skimming device over the ATM card slot. It is just one of the latest technologies that we are exploring to protect our customers from exposure to financial crime.

Meanwhile, we ask you to continue keeping a lookout for foreign objects attached to the ATM as they may be used to read your card details and PINs. Please call 1800 111 1111 if you find any foreign objects on our ATMs.

There are also some safety precautions you can take to enhance security while performing ATM transactions:

Security tips for performing transactions at ATM machines

  • Do not enter your PIN when someone else can see you keying it in.
  • When conducting an ATM transaction, use your hand to shield your PIN number.
  • Beware of objects attached to an ATM machine that make its appearance or operation seem unusual (for example, those that retain your card for no good reason).
  • Change your PIN immediately if you suspect it has been exposed to others or the moment you suspect any unauthorised access.
  • Never lend your card or disclose your PIN to anyone, including family, friends and people claiming to be bank employees.
  • Change your PIN regularly .
  • If your card is lost, stolen or retained by a DBS/POSB ATM, call 1800-111 1111 immediately.

Please be assured that DBS' ATM network remains a very secure and robust one upon which you may safely perform your transactions. Thank you for banking with DBS.