DBS ATM Services

Stored Value Cards

We are the first bank in Singapore that enables you to top-up all your different stored value cards at the same ATM. DBS/POSB ATMs accept your ez-link card, NETS FlashPay card, Concession card and NETS CashCard.

To top-up at the ATM, simply follow the steps below once you slot your ATM Card and insert PIN.

  1. Select "MORE SERVICES"

  2. Select "NETS FlashPay / CashCard / ez-link / Concession Card"

  3. Concession Card

    For concession card top-up, select "STUDENT/SENIOR CITIZEN/NSF CONCESSION CARD"

    ez-link card

    For ez-link card top-up, select "ez-link card"

    NETS CashCard/FlashPay

    For NETS services, select "NETS FlashPay/CashCard"

  4. Read the Terms & Conditions, and select "CONTINUE"
  5. Select "TOP-UP"
  6. Select the debiting bank Account Type.
    (Your ATM card will be returned to you after you made the selection)
  7. a) For contactless cards (Concession card / ez-link card / NETS FlashPay card) top-up, please place the card on the card holder.
    (Important point to note: Please do not remove or move the card during the transaction)

    b) For (CashCard) top-up, please insert your card into the ATM card slot.

  8. Select the top-up amount. (eg. $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200)
  9. Review and confirm the transaction details.
    (Please remember to take back your card when completed.)

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