Online Cheque

Online Cheque


Also know as iB Cheque (PayEasy), this service allows you to send cheques to someone when you do not have access to your cheque book or when the receiving party requires a bank draft. It is like your personal online door-to-door payment service.

You can settle your credit card bills, pay for your car and home loans, make payment to someone who requires a bank cheque or send money overseas with DBS iB Cheque (PayEasy). Now you can pay anyone, anywhere with just a few clicks.

iB Cheque (PayEasy) allows to you mail local cheques. For mailing of foreign cheques, check out another of our innovative service - Online Demand Draft.

Issue your iB Cheque (PayEasy) via iBanking and the bank will mail out the cheques on your behalf for FREE! Login to iBanking now.

  1. Login to DBS iBanking.
  2. Click on "PayEasy" on the left navigation bar under "Payment Services". Decide if you want to mail a local or foreign cheque.
  3. Register your payee online.
  4. Select the payee and type in the amount.
  5. DBS will mail the cheque.

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