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Digital Business Account

For new businesses. No minimum balance, no annual fee, free online banking.

DBS Digital Account

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Why open a Digital Account

Simple to maintain.

Zero Balance Business Account
No minimum balance, no fall-below fees – always.

Simple to transact.

Business Account
FREE access* to DBS IDEAL™ corporate online banking and mobile app.
No limit to number of free users. Login with digital token in your phone (no need for physical tokens!)
Business Account
FREE Debit Card. No annual fee and 0.3% cash rebate.

Simple to Open.

Apply online in 5 minutes.
Apply online in 5 minutes.

Value Features of Digital Business Account

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  • Ideal for start-ups with low minimum balances
  • Mostly transact online

    Minimum balance


    Minimum initial deposit

    SGD 1000

    Monthly Account Fee

    SGD 18

    Annual Account fee


    Fall-below fee


    Internet & Mobile banking (IDEAL™) fee


    Security Device

    FREE digital tokens

    Debit Card


    transaction fee^

    SGD 20 + charges in Pricing Guide

    Cheque Books issued

    SGD 25 each

    ^Chargeable OTC transactions include:

    • Cash deposit & withdrawals
    • Cheque encashment
    • Purchase of cashier’s order
    • Purchase of demand draft
    • Funds transfers
    • Outward Telegraphic Transfers (hard copy forms)

    Refer to the pricing guide for more details.

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    Apply For Your Account In 5 Minutes

    Skip the branch and apply for a DBS Digital Account with hassle-free online process.


    For social enterprises, please call DBS BusinessCare at 1800 222 2200 to make an appointment with our branches.

    Depending on your business structure, we would need to speak to:

    • Sole Proprietorship – the sole proprietor
    • Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership – all partners
    • Private/Limited Company – 1 director

    Depending on the nature of the business, there may be account set-up fees and higher minimum balances. Our Relationship Manager will inform you of the details.

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    Sign-up Deals

    Pick up these exclusive partner deals when you apply online!


    StarHub Mobile Perk

    StarHub Business Mobile

    $100 handset discount on 4G 3 & above

    Waiver of SIM & Registration Fees

    Free 24mths 2GB local data upsize

    Free 24mths Auto-Roaming

    Free 24mths Voicemail

    Free 24mths Caller Number Display

    Free RoamEasy data roaming service activation

    Talenox HR Platform

    Talenox HR Platform

    Free 6-month subscription of Talenox

    Payroll processing with preset CPF and tax requirements

    Leave management with preset statutory leave requirements

    Free live support


    1. What currency is the DBS Digital Account available in?

    The DBS Digital Account is only available in SGD. Check out the DBS Business Account if you require accounts in other currencies.

    2. What are the OTC transactions which will incur the $20 transaction fee?

    Chargeable OTC transactions include:

    • Cash deposit & withdrawals
    • Cheque encashment
    • Purchase of cashier’s order
    • Purchase of demand draft
    • Funds transfers
    • Outward Telegraphic Transfers (hard copy forms)


    3. I am unable to find my company on the ‘2. ACRA Details’ step in the online application form. Why?

    Try keying in your company name without ‘Pte Ltd’, etc. and you should be able to locate your company. Please note that if the company is newly registered, it will take 2 working days before your company details can be retrieved.

    4. What documents am I required to submit and when do I need to submit them?

    You may refer to the full list of required documents here.
    You are only required to submit the documents after the application has been submitted online. We will arrange for a courier to pick up your documents if you had opted for a Relationship Manager to call you. For branch appointments, kindly bring the documents along with you.

    5. I currently hold an SGD Business Account. How do I switch to the DBS Digital Account and retain the same account number?

    Please call DBS BusinessCare at 1800 222 2200 to do so.

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    Global Finance

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    Deposit Insurance Scheme

    Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors and monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the Supplementary Retirement Scheme are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.

    • Skip the branch & apply online in 5 mins!