4 October 2019

Weekly Wealth Wrap
Highlights from the DBS Chief Investment Office

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Global / CIO Portfolio
Barbell to win as volatility lingers
Find out how the DBS CIO Office allocates assets based on our highest conviction calls.

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Global / CIO Insights
Video 4Q19: Positive returns in an ultra-easing world
There is a new normal today, one of near-zero to negative interest rates.

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Global / FX Technicals
Gold bulls run out of breath
The weakness could extend further, similar to the situation in 2016.

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China / Growth
China’s chance of further gains still seems substantial
China's growth has averaged 10% a year since 1978, but the country could see more upside given increased focus on innovation.

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Global / Insights   
The DBS CIO Collection  
Here are our latest insights and analysis on what's driving global financial markets to help you make informed investment decisions.

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