Electronic Collections and Bill Payments

d2Pay (Direct Debit Payment)

Receive payments faster and improve your cash flow

Improve your cash flow and better manage your accounts receivables with DBS’ d2Pay. This online payment gateway allows you to you debit your customer's account immediately, crediting the funds to your account the next business day.


Why choose DBS d2Pay?

  • Receive payments quickly by debiting your customer's account immediately
  • Eliminate risk of chargeback. Unlike credit card payments, d2Pay transactions are not exposed to chargeback risks.
  • Reconcile your accounts easily with daily electronic transaction reports
  • Protect your customers' personal information with our secure encryption


How will my customers pay me?

Your customers will be directed to log into their Internet banking accounts to authorise payment for their purchases.

When will I receive the sales proceeds?

The sales proceeds will be credited to your account the next business day.


How do I apply?

Simply call us at 1800 222 2200, or +65 6222 2200 if you are calling from overseas to apply. Alternatively, please speak with your relationship manager.

Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare 1800 222 2200

Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare 1800 222 2200