Access Your iBanking Account with 2FA

We have changed the way you access your iBanking account by introducing additional features to offer you greater security and convenience. These include the ability to access your account balance without an iB Secure Device, an SMS login feature and Transaction Signing, all of which are fully secure.

These new features will also be implemented on your mBanking account.

What you need
What you can do User ID PIN Mobile Phone* New IB Secure Device
*Login to iBanking
*View Account

For your convenience you will only need your iB User ID & PIN to login. No iB Secure Device is needed. To ensure confidentiality, all key account details are masked.

*Transaction History
*Bill Payment
*Funds Transfer
...and more

Use the new SMS login* feature or iB Secure Device to perform selected transaction securely.

*High value

*Add new Recipients
*Update personal

Secure your key transactions using Transaction Signing with your new iB Secure Device.

^To update your personal particulars, you will require both an iBanking OTP* and your iB Secure Device.
Find out how to update your mobile number for iBanking OTP.

*An iBanking One Time Password (OTP) will be sent via SMS to your mobile number registered with the Bank.