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  • What are some implications of the Cyberspace Administration of China’s (CAC) action to set up a regulatory foundation on the world’s second largest economy as it continues with its digital transformation and technology reforms?

    Mainland China’s New Economy, media, and education sectors have recently faced selling pressure. However, the silver lining from the policy stance in tightening the rules on China companies seeking listing in the ADR platform is that local firms are now encouraged to list closer to home, broadening the investment offerings in the onshore capital markets of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Read the full CIO Weekly report here.

    Watch this 2-min short summary on the report.
    vid pic.jpg


    For investors stay the course as the CIO remains constructive on the tech sector of strategic importance such as upstream technology, green energy, e-Commerce, leading health care and software applications.

    What is an ADR? American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is a security created by a U.S. bank that evidences ownership to a specified number of shares of a foreign security held in a depository in the issuing company's country of domicile.

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  • We're taking questions from Monday, 26 July to Friday, 30 July on this community space! Meanwhile, get some questions ready - Ask them anything about:

    ETFs, Unit Trusts or investing in general

    How a human-robo-advisor like digiPortfolio works

    How DBS focus funds are selected

    Your questions will be answered anytime within the week itself. Be there or be square!



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  • Great news as we work towards a sustainable future! 💚🌿

    Artist's impression of retrofitted DBS Newton building that will be ready by Q1 of 2022

    This Newton development is expected to be completed in Q1 2022. We'll be seeing some net zero technologies in action including:

    Slatted facade for shade and ventilation

    Intelligent lighting and air-conditioning

    A biophilic exterior with living plants to reduce heat gain and using condensate water from the air-conditioning systems to water the plants

    Low energy appliances in motion

    Energy recovery ventilators which pre-cool incoming fresh air with previously cooled air, all controlled by CO2 sensors.

    Making greener choices, one step at a time 💚🌿 Read on to find out why and how DBS plans to be more eco-conscious.


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  • JUST A THOUGHT HERE - With the influx of new trading platforms, many seem to dive right into trading. Any tips for new investors on what they might be missing/should know beforehand?

    Community members have talked about their first investment experiences. Just scan through the posts here and on our other online spaces and you'll spot and learn from them!

    For those who might be considering casting a wider net to diversify your investments, or hope to get started, this might come in useful.<>

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