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  • Get a headstart on independence as a 20-something with 7 tips in mind (also applicable to anyone looking to move out!)


    TLDR: Moving away from home and fending for yourself at an earlier stage of life is not going easy.

    Have at least 3 to 6 months’ worth of emergency savings

    Adhere to the Debt Servicing Ratio of less than 35% of your income

    Use a financial tracker like NAV Planner to budget everything

    Cook your own meals ✅ Eating out regularly ❎

    Leverage on credit cards with cashback for groceries, utilities or bills

    Find a sustainable side hustle for an added income stream

    Split expenses with a roommate where possible

    Prepare your mind and wallet for one of the big pillars of Adulthood. Read on to learn what millennials have to say about financing your first move.

    My Home and I

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  • It’s time for a portfolio check-in (if you haven’t already). Here’s a run-down for April 2021. 🤓

    Fund Performance Update (APR 2021)
    All funds are in Singapore dollar (SGD)

    ➡️ Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF <>
    Returned 1.92% in April and recorded an annualised gain of 8.79% since inception.

    ➡️ NikkoAM-STC AxJ REIT ETF <>
    Returned 1.39% in SGD terms and recorded an annualised gain of 7.47% since inception.

    ➡️ ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund <>
    Returned 0.88% in SGD terms in April while portfolio characteristics remained close to its benchmark.

    ➡️ NikkoAM SGD IGBond ETF <>
    Returned 0.01% in SGD terms in April, while portfolio characteristics remained close to its benchmark

    🎯 The DBS Invest-Saver cashback is still on! Invest a minimum of S$100 a month and get up to *S$125 in cashback until 31 July 2021. <>

    Invest-Saver Screengrab.PNG

    Grow & Protect My Nest Egg

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  • Hi May I ask why RSP Monthly statement still in Hardcopies format which is mail at the start of each month? (Not referring to E-Advice)

    Hope DBS shift it to E-Statement for RSP investment.

    Banking Help & Support

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  • #hearitfirst! Last year, over 100+ of you shared your first insurance journey.

    Because of you, we kick-started development for a brand new starter pack that provides:

    Essential coverage ☂️ Low premiums ⬇️💰
    The next gen of first-insurance-buyers will thank you! 🤩

    Be one of the first 30 to help share your thoughts here <> to stand a chance for more food-deliveries with a $10 foodpanda voucher*!🤗🍱

    *Terms and Conditions apply. Applicable for use only with DBS/POSB Cards.

    Grow & Protect My Nest Egg

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