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  • Digital token not working Screenshot_20221005_164330.jpg

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  • If you have friends or family who want to open a DBS/POSB bank account for the first time, they can get that all done online using their SingPass with just 2 simple steps.

    Download DBS digibank mobile app Launch the digibank app Click on "Not a customer yet?" Click on "Continue with SingPass" Fill in your details. Choose your "Starter Bundle" Set up your Visa Debit Card Set up your digibank login

    Find the full guide here or watch this guide on the official DBS YouTube channel.

    Banking Help & Support

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  • There is no where in the DBS Rewards or DBS iBanking websites I can find for me to enter in my Krisflyer account number. Am very frustrated after having tried for the last hour. @HeyAnna please advise. And no I am not trying to use the KrisFlyer Miles Auto Conversion Programme.

    When I click on Redeem it prompts this empty fields error message. However I do not see any empty fields at any point in the redepmtion process.
    Empty Fields Error.jpg

    When selecting the product, the T and Cs says to log into DBS iBanking -> "cards" -> "redeem rewards" to enter in KrisFlyer miles account details.

    However, when I follow that instruction, the ibanking page tells me to go to the DBS Rewards website. This customer journey you've designed has me and, judging by the multiple posts about this topic, many others going in circles and only brings frustration.
    iBank Cards Redeem.jpg

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  • I applied a credit card via digibank recently. Yes, it does allow immediate integration with Apple Pay for immediate usage. However, I cannot find the cvv/cvc, card expiry date in the app hence making online purchase impossible.

    Could dbs implement solution similar other fintech?e.g. virtual card in the app with all the information.

    Banking Help & Support

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