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  • 💰 Looking for budget 101 help? Just can't seem to grow your savings any further? Start a conversation here or feel free to dish some experiences of your own!

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  • Re: Here's how to avoid scams and fraud attempts

    Hi all,
    Looking for some help and suggestions on what else I can do.
    I was subjected to a credit card scam. I have reported it to DBS, however I am still subjected to pay for the amount that I was scammed for.
    Has anyone been in this situation ?

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  • 2022 has been wild and we're grateful for your support. As we prepare for 2023, we would like to know what sort of content you want more from us so we can all better our finances moving ahead. Feel free to chime in here!

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  • Sent then many transfers

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  • Click here to join the week-long AMA with the DBS Funds Team!

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  • Hi,
    I would like to know how to link my Krisflyer account to my DBS credit card?
    It is not explained anywhere in the DBS portal. So I am not able to redeem my rewards.
    Thanks for your help!

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  • Happy to share that we've some students and young adults coming in from the DBS Students Only telegram. Welcome, welcome! We've got some beginner-friendly tips to start you personal financial journey now.

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    🎯 Set up a solid long term goal and hold yourself accountable
    There is no way that you'll one day wake up with everything you need without proper planning. This is where goal-setting and routine check-in take place. Please consider: the inflation rate, possible protection gaps, money for leisure and retirement. Use NAV Planner, a handy planning tool within your digibank app to help gain some perspective. Have your phone on you? Just log into digibank and hit 'Plan'!

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    💹 Investing? Hold your horses
    Proceed with caution ONLY AFTER you've accrued at least 6 months of emergency savings (that you do not plan to touch for everyday use). Learn to observe and weigh out your risks. Once confident, aim to have Invested Assets to Net Worth ratio (Assets - Liabilities) of at least 50%. Sounds complicated? It doesn't have to be - get started with a Regular Savings Plan or explore DBS digiPortfolio.


    Top up your parents' CPF accounts
    Maximise their nest egg and get some tax relief for yours. Get dollar-for-dollar match into the Retirement Account (RA) with Matched Retirement Savings Scheme (MRSS) to help senior Singaporeans to meet their Basic Retirement Sum (BRS).

    **🙋‍♀️ Admin's note: ** If you're new here, take some time to learn (or refresh!) yourself with financial planning concepts that you might have come across previously. Having some foresight to work on your finances now can help with easing the burdens Future You might have down the road. Stay resilient, everybody!

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  • already have one

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  • There are many functionalities in the Plan feature of digibank, such as:

    Connect other financial accounts from other banks Set budgets Monitor goals Planning for retirement
    and many more...

    Which feature(s) do you use? Any comments?

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  • Is cashback better than miles given the Covid-19 situation now?

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