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  • I added a new account according to the guidance that popped-up on the screen of DBS digibank smartphone app.
    I understand the account is for a multi-currency account.
    But at this moment, I want to reconfirm what kind of account it is exactly.
    (1)How much does it cost to keep the Multi Currency Account?
    (2)How can I close this Multi Currency Account?
    Best regards.

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  • Is it wise to use your emergency funds for short term savings with higher interest? For example Great Eastern Guaranteed Returns Of 1.55%p.a, a 3-year single premium plan.

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  • What is the best low-risk way to protect your savings/emergency fund against inflation?

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  • Is it worth it to move my shares to banks to qualify for priority banking or should I just go with the brokerage with the lowest charges?

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  • Looking to save more? Find it difficult to save every month? Here are 2 tips!

    Always set aside 30% (or more) of your salary aside once the money is in. Best if you can transfer out this sum to another account that you are disciplined enough not to touch. Do this before you spend any amount.

    Now point 1 might be tough for married people to fulfil, especially if you have kids. So here comes tip 2!

    Any savings is better than none! If 30% is too much, try 20%, 10% or even a fixed amount like $100 every month.

    Try not to tell yourself you can't save. A little tune to your lifestyle, you should be able to at least squeeze $50 out from somewhere to save! 😁

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  • What's your preferred place to park your emergency funds?

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