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  • Saya baru nak belajar invest
    Saya dari Malaysia boleh ke melakukan invest
    Maaf saya tak faham inglish

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  • Better to go for safe dividend stock or high growth stock?

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  • Hello, new here. any tips and suggestions which to start off with?

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  • There are a number of trading apps but I never bothered to explore.

    2 months ago, while shopping at AMK Hub Fairprice, I saw a roadshow by MooMoo. It rewards me with $20 Fairprice just for account opening, then another $20+$10 for investing $100 in a Unit Trust. So I opened, without understanding what other benefits I could get. My $100 invested is making money, pretty good returns. I am still monitoring.

    It is something worth exploring when I have time in future.

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  • I understand that DBS has recently included digiPortfolio investments for the Invest category of Multiplier. A minimum top-up of S$1,000 is required.
    Can the top-up be spread over 2 portfolios?
    I currently have an Asia and Global portfolio that I Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) S$500 and US$500 respectively every month.

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  • Hi,
    I am digiportfolio newbie here, just opened account and set money ($1K) to Asia. What should I do next? Wait 5-10 years for returns? Is there chance I will lose all my $1K in my portfolio?

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  • What are some implications of the Cyberspace Administration of China’s (CAC) action to set up a regulatory foundation on the world’s second largest economy as it continues with its digital transformation and technology reforms?

    Mainland China’s New Economy, media, and education sectors have recently faced selling pressure. However, the silver lining from the policy stance in tightening the rules on China companies seeking listing in the ADR platform is that local firms are now encouraged to list closer to home, broadening the investment offerings in the onshore capital markets of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Read the full CIO Weekly report here.

    Watch this 2-min short summary on the report.
    vid pic.jpg


    For investors stay the course as the CIO remains constructive on the tech sector of strategic importance such as upstream technology, green energy, e-Commerce, leading health care and software applications.

    What is an ADR? American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is a security created by a U.S. bank that evidences ownership to a specified number of shares of a foreign security held in a depository in the issuing company's country of domicile.

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  • JUST A THOUGHT HERE - With the influx of new trading platforms, many seem to dive right into trading. Any tips for new investors on what they might be missing/should know beforehand?

    Community members have talked about their first investment experiences. Just scan through the posts here and on our other online spaces and you'll spot and learn from them!

    For those who might be considering casting a wider net to diversify your investments, or hope to get started, this might come in useful.<>

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  • In a recent article, Straits Times reported that 1 in 2 of those who used CPF to invest ended up seeing losses.

    Knowing what you know, would you hedge against the odds or play it cool?

    CPF 5 JUL 2021.jpg
    Credit: CPF

    Check out the full CPFIS-OA report for 2020 here <>. For your research and quick learning, here's a timely video on how you can make your CPF monies work for you.

    CPF Video 5 JUL 2021.jpg

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  • Read all about asset allocation for the third quarter of 2021 coming hot off the press from the DBS Chief Investment Office.<>

    With valiant vaccination efforts globally, we are beginning to see encouraging signs of normalcy. The V-shaped economic recovery and surging commodity prices have brought inflation fears and debates to the table.


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  • Wondering if most ppl out there find investment in US market more attractive than investing in SG market?

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  • Will risk premiums tighten more/faster than base rate widening?

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  • If I already have ongoing subscription for Nikko AM STI ETF which cannot be considered under the "investment" category for Multiplier, am I still eligible for the higher interest rates once I subscribe to ABF SG Bond Fund?

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  • Are bitcoins and cryptocurrency the same kind of investment? Or they are totally different kind of investment? Thanks.😊

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  • With the recent corrections in the market, what are your stategies to deploy your warchest into investments?

    Personally, it will be to deploy 20% of it for every 5% dip when the market drops >10-15%.

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  • With recent news going against Bitcoin, like China cracking down on crypto mining and trading activities. Do you all think that Bitcoin is still a good long-term investment tool?

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  • Just a short story of my journey with $GME, I first invested in $GME with an average cost of $15 back in november. I realized my profits during the large spike in January and re-entered after it calmed down.

    Why did I enter again despite the price being way above my previous entry?

    The brokers prevented retail investors from buying the stock, essentially limiting the price of the stock and the only direction it could go was down. $GME had and still has a large short interest (Heavily shorted) Hedge Funds have admitted to not having had closed their short position during the Jan spike and that it was due to a Gamma Squeeze and not them closing their positions. $GME currently has a negative Beta (Stock moves opposite direction of broader market, i.e. Market red, GME green).

    There are still many other reasons I believe the stock will increase in price but I implore you the reader, to read up on the stock and with your own due diligence, consider putting $GME into your watchlist.

    I will be happy to answer any questions if you do have any.

    Just to clarify, I am not a financial advisor nor do I come from a financial background. I do however, believe that $GME is a share that is one in a million investment opportunity and may never happen ever again

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