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  • Make the right money moves πŸ’ƒ

    Riding on last week's #CIOFriday report on adopting the I.D.E.A. framework <> when picking your investment options, we're sharing the best 20 industries. More to expect from the report, download it here <>

    The 21st century big guns are...
    β›“ Blockchain
    πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»Big Data/Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    πŸ”‹ Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) /Electric Vehicles (EVs)
    πŸ€– Robotics/Automation
    🐾 3D Printing
    πŸš€ Space Exploration
    ☁ Cloud Computing
    πŸ› e-Commerce
    🧩 Internet of Things (IoT)
    πŸ“² Social Media
    🧬Life Sciences
    πŸ” Cyber Security
    πŸ’» Digital Media
    πŸ’³ Payments
    πŸ’° Fintech
    πŸ“‡ Semiconductors
    πŸ“¦ Logistics
    πŸ”„ Energy Transition
    πŸ… e-Sports
    πŸ•³ Consumerism

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  • #AskCIOFriday is back 🎈 The floor is open and we're taking questions back to the Chief Investment Office (CIO) team! Send them in below ⬇


    This week's topic: Old but Gold. Gold prices saw a turnaround from one of history's weakest quarters in 1Q21. This tends to happen when realised inflation is rising, demand is high and economies are re-opening. Read 'Alternatives: Gold 3Q21' report in full here.

    Highlights from the 3Q21 CIO Insights Gold report:

    Gold for currency hedging. This year, DM currencies have held up better than emerging Asian ones. The need to hedge currencies in Asia – amid rising inflation and virus resurgence – are boosting demand for gold among Asian investors.

    Gold shines as a stable alternative investment. We see potential new demand for gold arising from central banks looking to raise their allocation as part of their reserve management. The recent high volatility and price drop in cryptocurrencies also present opportunities for gold to shine.

    It will be a production growth story this year for gold and silver miners. Mining companies have expressed upbeat exploration progress and M&A opportunities. Gold mining securities should benefit from higher demand and rising prices. We (CIO) prefer larger, senior miners which demonstrate better cost and portfolio optimisation, and carry higher ESG ratings.

    Remains constructive on the med*um-term outlook for gold. The forecasts for gold remain at USD2,000/oz for the rest of the year.

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  • Answer: False. In the June NAV Insights newsletter, the dgP team shares the importance of identifying appropriate benchmarks for your investments. This may help to provide a better sense of your returns versus simply comparing investments against one another. Click here to view the full report.


    This is a new fortnightly segment where we share anything and everything related to investments here - quarterly fund reports, digestible reads by DBS product teams, learning resources for newbies and more! #growwiththeburrow

    Pssst, the opportunity to ask questions to our in-house topic experts will come knocking at your door real soon. Keep an eye out and you might get rewarded! πŸ‘€

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  • It’s time for a portfolio check-in (if you haven’t already). Here’s a run-down for April 2021. πŸ€“

    Fund Performance Update (APR 2021)
    All funds are in Singapore dollar (SGD)

    ➑️ Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF <>
    Returned 1.92% in April and recorded an annualised gain of 8.79% since inception.

    ➑️ NikkoAM-STC AxJ REIT ETF <>
    Returned 1.39% in SGD terms and recorded an annualised gain of 7.47% since inception.

    ➑️ ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund <>
    Returned 0.88% in SGD terms in April while portfolio characteristics remained close to its benchmark.

    ➑️ NikkoAM SGD IGBond ETF <>
    Returned 0.01% in SGD terms in April, while portfolio characteristics remained close to its benchmark

    🎯 The DBS Invest-Saver cashback is still on! Invest a minimum of S$100 a month and get up to *S$125 in cashback until 31 July 2021. <>

    Invest-Saver Screengrab.PNG

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  • Many of us understand the investment vehicle is one ride to get on to ensure a financially secure life for the present and future. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a popular investment tool – time for a refresher on what they can truly do for your portfolio!

    SGX DBS FB Event Page Banner.png

    In collaboration with Singapore Exchange (SGX), join The Burrow Community for an engaging evening as we deep-dive into the investment fund! This free event is perfect for both beginners and intermediate investors – come as you are, and leave knowing more!


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  • πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’­Did you know that the world’s known total gold supply can fit in just under three Olympic pools?

    As supply remains tight and interest rates continue to fall, our DBS Chief Investment Office believes that building gold into your investments could provide added risk-diversification, and even act as an insurance in uncertain times.

    With ETF options available to you by way of SRS, CPF, and DBS Vickers... Is now the golden time to go for gold?

    Watch the video to find out why a little gold could go a long way.

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