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  • 🏡 Building your own sanctuary is a dream. Now let's talk about the realities: everything it costs to get there.

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  • My husband and I are looking forward to getting the keys to our BTO by the end of this year. We're excited to renovate and design our space but have different ideas on how to get this done.

    I want to have the entire flat renovated and fixed in one go which would mean taking up a renovation loan. He on the other hand would prefer to spread out the expenses and renovate room by room.

    Needing some outside advice here... What would you do?

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  • Is this free conversion means we do not need to pay for the admin fee when we do repricing?

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  • Opens 30 August 2021 - start asking your questions below NOW


    Excited to share yet another exclusive Community Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) segment. This week, we invite experts from DBS Property Martketplace to answer your questions—from home ownership to the best ways to refinance your loan, or simply to find out what the team's own home-buying journey looks like. 😉

    Ask DBS Property Marketplace anything about…

    ❓ Should I go for a bank or HDB loan? 🤔
    ❓ BTO or resale? 🤷
    ❓ How much can I afford for my property? 💰
    ❓ How do I map out milestones in the journey? 🗺️

    The AMA thread will be OPEN from 30 August to 5 September, during which our Property Marketplace team will be popping in to answer and engage with all of you.

    It's simple: ask a question, get it answered. 👌 Look out for the @DBS handle and you'll know it's an official reply.

    Bonus: To encourage insightful questions that will help our other members to learn and grow, the community team will pick *10 members to receive a S$10 eCapitaVoucher from us at the end of the AMA.

    This AMA is intended to be an informative and educational session for members of The Burrow to learn from a topic expert at DBS. Questions can be submitted via this thread and will be answered at any time between 30 August to 5 September (when thread officially closes). Do note that Original Poster (OP) will not be addressing questions on financial advisory/stock picks and/or queries of a similar nature. Community Managers reserve the right to remove any questions that are not relevant and/or defamatory at their own discretion. Please refer to the Community Group Rules as a guideline.

    Community Managers reserve the right to select 10 questions at their own discretion to receive a S$10 eCapitaVoucher, based on clarity and usefulness of question asked. Priority will be given to new Community members (between week of 16 August to 5 September) and members who are making their first community post.

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  • Any good guides for learning on the processes involved for switching from HDB loan to bank loan, including changes to lock-in, capital repayment etc?

    (@HeyAnna - maybe a learning unit?)

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  • Are you single 🙋‍♀️ and ready to fly the coop? Or looking to settle down with your life partner and begin a new chapter 💍?

    Here's a quick view of differences between the two to aid your decision-making.

    Here's the links to the resources we shared above:

    DBS Marketplace: Property

    Should you get a HDB, EC or go private?

    5 tips for first-time home buyers

    Single's guide to buying a HDB flat

    5 things to lookout for in the Tenancy Agreement

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  • There are more of these million dollar transactions happening. Are they for investment? Out of need? What factors would you look at if you are buying a resale priced at a million or more?

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  • Get a headstart on independence as a 20-something with 7 tips in mind (also applicable to anyone looking to move out!)


    TLDR: Moving away from home and fending for yourself at an earlier stage of life is not going easy.

    Have at least 3 to 6 months’ worth of emergency savings

    Adhere to the Debt Servicing Ratio of less than 35% of your income

    Use a financial tracker like NAV Planner to budget everything

    Cook your own meals ✅ Eating out regularly ❎

    Leverage on credit cards with cashback for groceries, utilities or bills

    Find a sustainable side hustle for an added income stream

    Split expenses with a roommate where possible

    Prepare your mind and wallet for one of the big pillars of Adulthood. Read on to learn what millennials have to say about financing your first move.

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  • What is this?

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  • Given the rising prices of resale flats, but increasing wait times for BTO, which is a better option? Can resale be as affordable as BTO/SBF?

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  • Which would be better? Bank loan or HDB loan for housing loan?

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  • Any tips on getting a renovation loan? What are the pros and cons of getting one?

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  • Should we keep cash or quickly clear our housing loan.

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  • Do you prefer fixed or float rate? and why?

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  • I just switched from Geneco to Senoko after my contract with Genoco is up! Seems like the contract prices and promos are changing quite frequently, so post the good deals that u see at any one point in time here!

    There's a current POSB rebate of $150 (till 31 Jul 2021)

    Sidenote: I experimented with SP Wholesale for a few months too, but i only use around 200kwh per month, the savings from lower wholesale prices are lower than the signup bonuses from the different retailers, so i feel it's better to go with fixed price contracts from retailers plus the around $180 signup bonuses (for 2 year contract = around $7.50 additional discount per month)

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  • Hi everyone, with the many options out there, some offering better interest rates compared to DBS, just wanted to hear from others reasons why DBS is still your preferred choice. Thank you!

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  • Lately, I have been looking at overseas properties where corvid may have created new opportunity to get in. What is the process like to get a mortgage from local bank?

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  • Will DBS accept the Bitcoin as the collateral?

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  • What are some tips when renovating or designing the look of a new home? What are some factors that you take into consideration?

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  • How much are you willing to spend and how much do you spend?

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