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  • 🏑 Building your own sanctuary is a dream. Now let's talk about the realities: everything it costs to get there.

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  • Hi,

    I would like to request for my credit card annual fee waiver.

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  • Hi

    Jz would like to double check if I hv requested for a fee waiver for the annual fee this year?

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  • Hi fellow young adults! Rent or buy? The decision is an eternal real estate debate and it's made more complex as both have robust advantages and disadvantages.

    Had an interesting chat with my friends over the weekend regarding the matter post announcement of the property cooling measures and i'd like to know what your thoughts are!

    Are you team buy or team rent, and why? Make your case by 27th Dec and you might just get a lil' voucher!

    Here's a guide we have to renting or buying your first home: Click here!

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  • My husband and I are looking forward to getting the keys to our BTO by the end of this year. We're excited to renovate and design our space but have different ideas on how to get this done.

    I want to have the entire flat renovated and fixed in one go which would mean taking up a renovation loan. He on the other hand would prefer to spread out the expenses and renovate room by room.

    Needing some outside advice here... What would you do?

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  • Are you single πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ and ready to fly the coop? Or looking to settle down with your life partner and begin a new chapter πŸ’?

    Here's a quick view of differences between the two to aid your decision-making.

    Here's the links to the resources we shared above:

    DBS Marketplace: Property

    Should you get a HDB, EC or go private?

    5 tips for first-time home buyers

    Single's guide to buying a HDB flat

    5 things to lookout for in the Tenancy Agreement

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  • There are more of these million dollar transactions happening. Are they for investment? Out of need? What factors would you look at if you are buying a resale priced at a million or more?

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  • Get a headstart on independence as a 20-something with 7 tips in mind (also applicable to anyone looking to move out!)


    TLDR: Moving away from home and fending for yourself at an earlier stage of life is not going easy.

    Have at least 3 to 6 months’ worth of emergency savings

    Adhere to the Debt Servicing Ratio of less than 35% of your income

    Use a financial tracker like NAV Planner to budget everything

    Cook your own meals βœ… Eating out regularly ❎

    Leverage on credit cards with cashback for groceries, utilities or bills

    Find a sustainable side hustle for an added income stream

    Split expenses with a roommate where possible

    Prepare your mind and wallet for one of the big pillars of Adulthood. Read on to learn what millennials have to say about financing your first move.

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  • What is this?

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  • Given the rising prices of resale flats, but increasing wait times for BTO, which is a better option? Can resale be as affordable as BTO/SBF?

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  • Which would be better? Bank loan or HDB loan for housing loan?

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  • Any tips on getting a renovation loan? What are the pros and cons of getting one?

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  • Will DBS accept the Bitcoin as the collateral?

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  • How much are you willing to spend and how much do you spend?

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  • For those who are planning to bid for the May 2021 BTO, which are you most keen on?

    The locations are:

    Tengah Woodlands Bukit Merah Geylang

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