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  • Better to top up SRS or CPF?

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  • I was lucky to park my SRS funds (not much) in a single premium endowment plan for 15 years, yet to mature, earning more than 4% pa todate guaranteed surrender value! This will help contribute to my retirement funds as another source of income.

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  • Assuming as of Oct 2021, your total SRS contribution for 2021 is 12K, and in Nov 1 2021 you decided to invest it in DBS Savvy 6, will your tax deduction for 2022 will be 12k or just 2k ( balance after you invested 10k)?
    I understand that the amount that they eligible for tax deduction is the amount you put in a year before you tax is due. Will they count the ones you invested for that year or just the balance?
    Thanks for your input..

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  • There are some considerations as to when and how much we should start drawing on our SRS account - we may still have on going passive income from rental, investment, business, etc. and may incur tax. Is there any tool or advice on this matter?

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  • How much is sufficient to put in our SRS/CPF Retirement fund?

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  • I'm thinking of casing out unit trust in my SRS and put it into market, better trading with cash or SRS?
    Built a port folio with a long horizon (5-10 year) using SRS?

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