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  • hi, just wondering..why are standing instructions gets credited in different times? I checked my old transactions and they usually get transferred within a day.. for example, i have an SI on the 15th of month, some of them gets credited on the 15th, some on the 16th or 17th or 18th. 😊 😌 hehe, thanks.

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  • 04C7851F-638B-4037-BFB8-ADF5677B089A.jpeg

    @HeyAnna does DBS have a list of code for the unit trust & etfs? I just got my dividends but I’m not sure which UT or ETF it’s from?

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  • Dear Sir,

    I have been banking with you for the past 20-22 years, and honestly I am very disappointed with your services. I am a foreigner (was a PR holder), and have maintained my account since then.
    For the past few hours, I have been trying to contact the customer service of DBS bank, thru various means:

    via DBS Ibanking:
    The digibot is of no help. I am trying to enquire which passport of mine is registered there, so that i am able to update it accordingly, but the digibot is of no help. It even suggest as a foreigner, to update my passport, i need to go down personally to a branch, which did not make sense, as I am currently in Indonesia and in times of covid will be unable to travel just to update my passport details.

    via the Compose message in DBS Ibanking
    Again, there is no appropriate option to chat / email to an actual person , neither has it options to update passport details, and the best part is, it does not even allow me to type on the text box

    via the number provided to call from international: +65-63272265
    firstly it makes you wait for so long as it keeps saying that customer service is busy. then asks to input either debit / credit card (while i have none, i just have an atm card), n because I cant input, it hangs up on me

    This is such a ridiculous service and i would not expect such a service from a reputable international bank like DBS.

    Please reply me most urgently at my email address: [email protected] / +XX-XXXXXXXXXX

    Thank you


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  • Hi,
    After requesting a new card (block/replace) i found out my card was charged an annual fee in Jan 21. It is possible to request annual fee waiver on this card that I have just only blocked/replace request?


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  • How do do I check the amount of money was invest in the ETF

    And how do I know if I am making a profit or loss in the ETF ?

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  • I tried phone banking, digibot, digibank online but there has not been a single reply. What is happening to DBS?

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  • Did anyone have dbs email address that i can email to?

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  • Who else is seeing duplicated transactions on their account? My gf account now got negative balance as deducted everything she spent twice already!

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  • Hi May I ask why RSP Monthly statement still in Hardcopies format which is mail at the start of each month? (Not referring to E-Advice)

    Hope DBS shift it to E-Statement for RSP investment.

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  • Just want to say that I am so glad for the new and improved Digibank App! 😊 I can finally see the details of my Investment, Assets & DigiPortfolio in the app instead of opening in the web browser. Good job, you guys! Looking forward to more improvements! πŸ‘

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  • Hi,
    Using dbs online banking from computer.
    Clicked E-Advice( Rsp investment) There are none displayed.
    Pls advise why we could see in Apr and not now.
    Any program bug.? Thanks .

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  • Has anyone of you tried redeeming Unit Trust in DBS? How long will it take and are there any additional fees deducted besides the 0.82% online sales charge? TIA.

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  • Is ShopeePay transactions now excluded from earning bonus rewards on DBS Woman's card and bonus cashback on DBS Live Fresh credit cards?

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  • Is it possible to check the market value of my CPFIS portfolio in the mobile banking app?

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  • It would be great if the 2FA login for the Burrow website use the DBS Apps 2FA method, instead of sending and SMS. '
    Using SMS for 2FA is not as secure as using the DBS Apps for 2FA.

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  • Is it advisable to buy a new insurance policy after 12 months of premiums just to fulfill the "insurance" component of the multiplier account?

    Are there better alternatives?

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  • See image for one such example - selected credit card transaction but it gave me bank account options...


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