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  • Worried about doing online transactions? Got an unfamiliar transaction alert? Check in here with the community and follow this guide.


    1. Did you provide any personal bank details to an alleged scam or fraud?

    DO NOT give out the following pieces of information. iBanking credentials OTP & digital token pins Verification codes from DBS emails & SMS Card Details and PINs DO NOT click on URLs, call phone numbers or scan QR codes provided in unsolicited emails, SMSes, and other messaging channels.

    2. Unknowingly provided details? Report it right away!

    Call the bank immediately at 1800-339-6963 or (65) 6339-6963 Make a Police Report in person or online.

    IMPORTANT!: Spotted a scam or fraud attempt? Do still make a report to prevent others from falling prey.

    3. Stay protected and #BSHARP!
    Banking online is safe as long as you are vigilant and proactively safeguard your information.

    Be Web Wise - Think before you act!
    Stay alert and informed.
    Healthy Device - Keep it updated & protected
    Aware - Be mindful of what you share!
    Responsible - Be a good citizen
    Protect your information!

    Stay updated on the latest security news that might affect the way you bank online. Visit #BSHARP

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  • The easiest way to submit a request for waiver of Credit Card or Cashline fees is through DBS digibot.



    πŸ“Œ Important Information
    ⚫ Fee waiver requests are only accepted via the automated system.
    ⚫ Fee waiver request via DBS digibot & Phone Banking is not available between 2345 hrs to 0030 hrs and 0230 hrs to 0245 hrs daily (excluding Sunday and Public holidays).
    ⚫ An email/SMS will be sent to you as per your registered bank record on the status of your waiver request within 3 working days.
    ⚫ For DBS Altitude Credit Card, a bonus of 5,000 DBS Points was credited to your account when the annual fee was charged. Upon successful annual fee waiver, we will reverse 5,000 DBS Points within 3 working days. However, if there are insufficient DBS Points in your account, you will be charged S$0.0385 per DBS Point. Terms and Conditions apply.

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  • πŸ“© ☎ Need a little help with your banking? Drop your questions in this section so our community can assist.

    DID YOU KNOW? We have self-help AND digital banking resources that may just have what you need as well:

    1️⃣ πŸ“” Help & Support Guides - Need help troubleshooting your digibank logins, or find out how a certain product works? Look here!

    2️⃣ πŸ’»Digital Services - Check out the FULL spectrum of digital services you can access, from a guide to your Digital Token to Checking Credit Card Transaction details

    3️⃣ Self-Service Banking - Quick links to some popular self-service queries, as well as ways you can contact us.

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  • See any transactions on your statements or digibank that you can’t recall? Or is the description of your transaction history/statement unclear?

    Check out the β€―Transaction Codes and Descriptionβ€―page first. πŸ€“ You'll find all the transaction codes from A to Z with definitions that clearly tell you what each of them mean.

    You can also leave a comment here and let us and the community chime in. πŸ™‚
    πŸ™Œ We'll help each other out. #GrowWithTheBurrow


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  • Hi,
    Please waive off my card annual fee.

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  • Hi,

    i have tried to submit annual fee waiver request for my POSB Everyday card via digibot but it says "Please be informed that there are no eligible credit card to be waived."

    Why is this so?

    I get my supplementary card holder to do the waiver via digibot for her card and it is possible and successful.

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  • Can your DBS staff Mr Diopy be informed of My claim account to be updated with'won and paid'status from New York City.
    Prize Claim Center and Div of unclaimed funds is from New York City.
    Freelotto is any where , for this case, it's from Singapore. Can I get updated with cheque book account from DBS account and cash vouchers evenly. Certificate of deposit for my account is $1500000. Can DBS staff arrange the above.

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  • Cash USD18,000/- was transferred from China through Citibank Singapore since 31st May2022 and arrived at DBS Bank on 18th Jmmexport1655713980395.png une 2022 but not yet received in my POSB eSaving Account.

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  • Can DBS sent out SMS or email to tell us there are Annual charges, to alert us on Annual fees charge.

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  • When is my annual fees charges?

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  • Hi. I recently booked thru While hey mentioned "free refund" if plan changed, I found the money refund to me is incorrect.

    I was charged $133.03 on May 27, and when I cancelled the booking on June 1st, the refund was only $ 124.18.

    I have spoken to both the hotel and and realized the difference was eaten by the bank card. This is a big difference for a "free refund." Somehow hard to accept. Pls advise.

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  • I want to update my email id and mobile number.
    Go to update option but showing please wait for the security token but before I have received the digital token.
    What I can do?

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  • Got difficulties to get digital OTP because it SMS to my old mobile phone. After i got the 6 digit code from the email

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  • Hi! Just the other day I have a transaction in coinbase then my account was blocked.How do I unblock my card?

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  • Hi can I request to waive my Annual fees?

    Thank you.

    Sho Yee Heng

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  • i made a transaction today afternoon worth $378 using my debit card but it was unsucessful however when i check my balance in my account it was deducted.
    Please check and revert
    Thank you

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  • would like to request for fee waive on all my supplementary cards

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  • I did a wrong transfer to other paynow on the 7 of jun 2022 at 0018 hrs now i call customer service I don't get any response from the bank what should i do

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  • Ibtry to call the bank but till now i can't get through than how what should I do?

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