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  • What is the process to sell the unit trust from SRS account.

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  • My cash line annual fee waiver is being rejected. May I know the reason? Can I appeal for it to be waived?

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  • Please waive my DBS credit card annual fee

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  • Hello,
    I have several accounts and I receive statements for all of them consolidated into one, but I would like one account to have separate statements. Is it possible?

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  • Hi I applied multiplier 3 months ago.
    I have a housing loan with DBS under another DBS account.
    Please advise how do I link these two accounts to qualify for the interest?
    One more feedback, please review the multiplier info online. There is not any guide/info on how do I apply home loan via multiplier. when I click "apply now", I will re-dirrect to Home loan.

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  • HI Support,
    can you help me to check the my POSB Acc. and ATM card are still valid or not, still can be use or not, Acc detail are as below,
    Full name; M**** *** *** *****
    Acc no.; 1** ***** *
    ATM card no.; 6******.*
    VALID Date; 0*/**

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  • I'm interested in opening a savings account in HK but due to COVID, I can't travel to HK. I am a HK resident (meaning, I have a HK ID) but a Singaporean, does DBS allow the opening of a HK account from SG?

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  • Hello. I am a foreigner from Korea and I used to work in Singapore for few months. I came back to my country last year.
    The problem is I still have my money (the last income from my Singapore workplace) in the POSB account. I wanna do overseas transfer to my account(Korean account) so I tried to transfer on the website. I realized that my starhub phone simcard has expired on AUG-2021. Means, I can't even login to POSB app or website because mine was expired few days ago...(If there's no way to extend the expiry date of my Simcard)
    I wanted to contect to POSB service team by mail but it seems like they don't offer their E-mail address.
    How can I do with this? I don't have family or friends in Singapore... So I would like to ask here for anyone's help. Can anybody help me to know how can I reach to the POSB service-team or even give a conclusion about this??
    Huge thanks for the help in advance.

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  • Dear Sir,

    I have been banking with you for the past 20-22 years, and honestly I am very disappointed with your services. I am a foreigner (was a PR holder), and have maintained my account since then.
    For the past few hours, I have been trying to contact the customer service of DBS bank, thru various means:

    via DBS Ibanking:
    The digibot is of no help. I am trying to enquire which passport of mine is registered there, so that i am able to update it accordingly, but the digibot is of no help. It even suggest as a foreigner, to update my passport, i need to go down personally to a branch, which did not make sense, as I am currently in Indonesia and in times of covid will be unable to travel just to update my passport details.

    via the Compose message in DBS Ibanking
    Again, there is no appropriate option to chat / email to an actual person , neither has it options to update passport details, and the best part is, it does not even allow me to type on the text box

    via the number provided to call from international: +65-63272265
    firstly it makes you wait for so long as it keeps saying that customer service is busy. then asks to input either debit / credit card (while i have none, i just have an atm card), n because I cant input, it hangs up on me

    This is such a ridiculous service and i would not expect such a service from a reputable international bank like DBS.

    Please reply me most urgently at my email address: [email protected] / +XX-XXXXXXXXXX

    Thank you


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  • Hi,
    Using dbs online banking from computer.
    Clicked E-Advice( Rsp investment) There are none displayed.
    Pls advise why we could see in Apr and not now.
    Any program bug.? Thanks .

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  • Is it advisable to buy a new insurance policy after 12 months of premiums just to fulfill the "insurance" component of the multiplier account?

    Are there better alternatives?

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