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  • never receive an OTP for login. what happens?

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  • Hi there
    I'd like to apply a banker's guarantee on my personal account and I'm living overseas now. Can I have someone assisting me on this?
    Thank you.

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  • hi, just wondering..why are standing instructions gets credited in different times? I checked my old transactions and they usually get transferred within a day.. for example, i have an SI on the 15th of month, some of them gets credited on the 15th, some on the 16th or 17th or 18th. 😊 😌 hehe, thanks.

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  • 04C7851F-638B-4037-BFB8-ADF5677B089A.jpeg

    @HeyAnna does DBS have a list of code for the unit trust & etfs? I just got my dividends but I’m not sure which UT or ETF it’s from?

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  • How do do I check the amount of money was invest in the ETF

    And how do I know if I am making a profit or loss in the ETF ?

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  • Hi May I ask why RSP Monthly statement still in Hardcopies format which is mail at the start of each month? (Not referring to E-Advice)

    Hope DBS shift it to E-Statement for RSP investment.

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  • Just want to say that I am so glad for the new and improved Digibank App! 😊 I can finally see the details of my Investment, Assets & DigiPortfolio in the app instead of opening in the web browser. Good job, you guys! Looking forward to more improvements! πŸ‘

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  • Has anyone of you tried redeeming Unit Trust in DBS? How long will it take and are there any additional fees deducted besides the 0.82% online sales charge? TIA.

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  • Is it possible to check the market value of my CPFIS portfolio in the mobile banking app?

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  • It would be great if the 2FA login for the Burrow website use the DBS Apps 2FA method, instead of sending and SMS. '
    Using SMS for 2FA is not as secure as using the DBS Apps for 2FA.

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  • See image for one such example - selected credit card transaction but it gave me bank account options...


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