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  • πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘― πŸ•Ά We're a community that knows how to have a good time. Get first dibs on contests, giveaways and events here. They're community exclusives, so make sure to invite a new family member/friend to come join The Burrow!

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  • We have our winners! There were so many amazing answers we decided to giveaway 2x the rewards! Instead of 3, 6 entries were selected to receive gifts from our community.

    See your name below? Send an email to [email protected]! Include your community name, a snapshot of your entry and your delivery address. Make sure to use your bank registered email to send us your message!


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    The magic of the PLAN tab on digibank is in the many rooms it has to help you in each area of your financial planning journey. Want to look through insurance you have and might need? There's the INSURANCE room. Thinking about optimising your hard earned savings? Jump to the SAVINGS room.

    Out of all the rooms in the PLAN tab on digibank, which one is your favorite?

    Here's how to participate:

    Go to PLAN on digibank and check out all the rooms in there. Drop your answer in the comments here and tell us why that is the best for you Tag a friend who you think should be using the PLAN tab more often.

    Make sure your entries are parked in this contest thread! Deadline for all entries is 25 August 2023. Three (3) winners will be selected to win the prizes below and the winning entries will be based on the best descriptions of how the rooms are useful to your personal financial journey. πŸ™‚

    1st Place: - iPad
    2nd Place - AirPods
    3rd Place - Apple Watch SE

    Have suggestions or other feedback? Feel free to tell us in your entries as well.

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  • Best free deals app?

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  • Anyone taking side jobs during free time to increase income?

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  • Ideas for small business?

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  • I am always on the lookout for Giveaways. This month, my family won over $300 of grab gifts. As the organisor sent out gifts expiring end of the month, they decided to reward us for extras! So we will be receiving another $300 worth of grab gifts!

    Hurray! Now they are organising another contest and I will be cracking my head next after I finish with sharing here! Wish me luck!

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  • Capistar is no doubt the best App in town! I have been earning free ecapita vouchers from giveaways and from redeeming my Grab Points (now almost nothing more to earn!)

    The next best App is Great Rewards App (Great World & Tanglin Mall). I have been earning free points/$5 vouchers from various promos from the shopping malls. I recently received a free $5 voucher, not sure if stocks are still available.

    What is your best App?

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  • I was recently promptly to play part 2 of the game. Will there be rewards coming?
    Thank you, I received $3 for Part 1.

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  • When I create a new post, do I have to categorise it under each cat or will the "system" automatically send it to appropriate cat?

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  • When DBS launched the DBS 5 Million Hawker Meals $3 cashback promo, I was super excited. I was trying to get my siblings onboard Paylah! Then I accidentally discovered I can earn referral rewards for every account I refer. I informed all my relatives what to do get referral rewards. Then by next morning, when I tried to refer again, oops no more rewards! The loophole was patched!

    What a window of opportunity!

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  • Last month, I learnt what is ChatGPT and how to use it. Since then, I have been having fun chatting with ChatGPT and get it to help me with some ideas/tasks. I even tried to joke with ChatGPT and have a good laugh! Hoping ChatGPT can help me to become BOSS here too, haha, just joking!

    Are you having fun too?

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  • In the past, I used to get free ezlink/nets flashpay (NFP) card whenever I applied for a credit/debit card from some banks. With SimplyGo, I have to look to other sources for free ezlink/NFP as I still have use case for it. Those who drive, might also need a free one.
    So where can you get one for free? I have lobang but it is likely to end by 10pm or early today. If there is interest, I will share more.

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  • Join the quest to become the ultimate BOSS in our community. πŸ” Rack up enough Activity Streaks by sharing ideas, exchanging wisdom, and connecting with fellow financial enthusiasts in the community and the First 50 BOSS members by 31 JULY 2023 will get a S$100 gift!

    What can you do to reach BOSS level? We have a post on all you need to know about Activity Streaks and an exclusive contest you can enter. πŸ˜‰ How else can you be a financial planning boss? You can 'Plan' on digibank <>

    Member Recognition & Activity Streaks
    [Community Contest] What are you PLANning for?


    πŸ“£ ATTENTION: Removal of Spam Messages:
    We want to properly recognize members who genuinely engage with others and us in this community, which is why we're going to start removing spam messages in this thread and the rest of our online space. The respective streak count earned through spam actions may be taken back.

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    Thank you to all of you who joined! Do send in your email by 7 AUG so we can make arrangements to deliver your prices.

    alt text

    Tell us... What are you PLANning for?

    We prioritize goals because this affects our cash flow. Out of all the goals you have as you plan for retirement, what’s the priority today and why?

    Check out your goals in the RETIREMENT section of your PLAN tab on digibank and tell us all about that one goal in the comments!


    Go to PLAN and review your goals. Add more if you need to <> Tell us in the comments below which goal is your top priority Explain what makes it the most important for you now in your retirement plan

    Entries with the most unique and interesting answers will be selected! *Contest runs until 14 JULY 2023!

    Platform Contest Post.jpg

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  • Hello I am posting a video!

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  • Always happy

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  • BB kk la seem gb BT enn m nenu

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  • Wishing you a joyous Holiday season and a happy and peaceful New Year.

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  • Happy holiday to all

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  • ![It's our holiday giveaway! Join the hunt for a chance to 🎁🀩 win an iPad Mini (worth S$749)! Contest runs until 28 December 2022.](image url)

    πŸ”Ž 1. Find the 5 missing words & collect the first letter of each word. Your clues are below! If you need more hints, dive into the POSB Neighbour First page<> for all your answers.
    ✍️ 2. Submit your answers and tell us what type of content you want more of in this online form. <>
    βœ”οΈ3. Tell us you've submitted your entry in the comments of this thread to confirm your submission.

    πŸ”Ž CLUES!

    Protect your _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with insurance. Promotion for groceries, transport and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ends on 31 Jan 2023. The answer lies in your pocket financial advisor, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Your _ _ _ _ _ _ today is not buying you as much as it did yesterday. _ _ _ _ _ _ - A more stable way to grow your spare cash.

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