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    @HeyAnna does DBS have a list of code for the unit trust & etfs? I just got my dividends but I’m not sure which UT or ETF it’s from?


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  • Just want to say that I am so glad for the new and improved Digibank App! 😊 I can finally see the details of my Investment, Assets & DigiPortfolio in the app instead of opening in the web browser. Good job, you guys! Looking forward to more improvements! πŸ‘


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  • Hi Team,

    Any plans for DigiPortfolio to be included under the investment category for the Multiplier Account?



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  • There are many functionalities in the Plan feature of digibank, such as:

    Connect other financial accounts from other banks Set budgets Monitor goals Planning for retirement
    and many more...

    Which feature(s) do you use? Any comments?


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