• I understand that DBS has recently included digiPortfolio investments for the Invest category of Multiplier. A minimum top-up of S$1,000 is required.
    Can the top-up be spread over 2 portfolios?
    I currently have an Asia and Global portfolio that I Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) S$500 and US$500 respectively every month.


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  • This week, as part of our Fund Facts segment, the communities team have brought over some friends over from the DBS Funds team to answer YOUR burning investment questions.

    Ask me anything about…

    Unit trusts or investing in general

    How a human-robo-advisor like digiPortfolio works

    How DBS focus funds are selected

    This AMA will be going on throughout next week, Monday, 2 August to Sunday, 8 August. Ask as many questions as possible - the community team will pick the 10 most thoughtful ones* to receive a S$10 eCapitaVoucher from us at the end of the AMA period.

    PMs will be answering your burning questions using the @DBS handle! Keep a look out for it and... fire away! 🌠⬇

    This AMA is intended to be an informative and educational session for members of The Burrow to learn from a topic expert at DBS. Questions can be submitted via this thread and will be answered at any time between 2 - 8 August (when thread officially closes). Do note that Original Poster (OP) will not be addressing questions on financial advisory/stock picks and/or queries of a similar nature. Community Managers reserve the right to remove any questions that are not relevant and/or defamatory at their own discretion. Please refer to the Community Group Rules as a guideline.

    **Community Managers reserve the right to select 10 questions at their own discretion to receive a S$10 eCapitaVoucher, based on clarity and usefulness of question asked.

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