• You may have read the news about a victim who was cheated SGD24,900 by her insurance agent for a fake savings plan. 😥

    According to the news, the insurance agent claimed that there is a savings plan available for "Absolute Assignment".

    Fortunately the insurance company compensated the victim for her losses.

    In this blog, we cover:
    ✅What is "Absolute Assignment"❓
    ✅What should you do when you were introduced or saw a savings plan that is available for "Absolute Assignment"❓
    ✅How can you minimise your chances of ending up with a fake savings plan❓



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  • Here’s a quick look at the differences between Participating and Non-Participating Policies of endowment plans!

    Have a question behind what your policy terms mean? This nifty article might help you out: <bit.ly/2JKOg3T>



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  • How do you make your money work harder for you while still remaining protected? The infographic below shows you other types of life insurance that provides you with protection and helps you grow your money. Go on, tap on it to learn more! #growwiththeburrow!



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