• In our poll: Over 200 of you voiced that dividend payouts and diversification are two considerations that are important to you when it comes to investing.

    🍃🌿But did you know? Our CIO 3Q20 report shares that terms like ‘sustainable investing’ and ‘ESG integration’ have evolved to now be a part of many investors’ considerations, and that this ESG overlay has positively impacted long-term performance and risk-adjusted returns.

    For many of you, it appears that a company’s ESG principles is not a priority to your investment-making decision today. Why? #WhatWouldYouDo #WWYD



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  • Sustainable Investing Myths - DEBUNKED! 🧐

    What is sustainable investing in a nutshell? 🌰 It's the act of combining environmental, social, governance (ESG) factors, along with financial factors, to assess companies and assets! #FridayFoodForThought



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