• We appreciate those who help each other in this community! It's been a while since the last Hall of Fame - we know! With all the changes that's been happening within the communities, we realised one thing that stayed the same: YOU!

    For JUNE, we want to acknowledge these people for their kampung spirit!

    The Burrow (online home)

    The Burrow Facebook

    Kechiya Kechiya

    POSB Parents

    Keagan Kang

    Drop us an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of this post by 5 July 2021 (Monday) so we can send you a small token of appreciation. 🎁 #growwiththeburrow

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  • Some of you might have joined our little bingo challenge last year.<bit.ly/2SJcly6> Excited to introduce an exciting new update, bigger and better than ever:

    DBS Bingo 👉 go.dbs.com/365zoWS

    🔴 3 different 'patterns' to win

    Complete D, B, S, or X (DBS Spark) The traditional 5 consecutive tiles Weekly wildcard challenges

    Bingo tile actions you have completed from 1 Jan - 31 Jul 2021 will be counted, so you might already be way ahead of the game!

    ⚫ Submit as many times as you want
    Winners will be selected via a lucky draw - the more times you submit, the higher your chances of winning!

    🔴 The Burrow Exclusive - Secure a SURE WIN gift!
    Submitting your completed bingo?

    Click on 'SAVE YOUR BOARD AND SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS!' on the main Bingo site to save the Bingo picture. Submit your completed Bingo card in this thread. One completed card is one entry!

    The top 2 members with the most number of BINGO boards shared below will receive S$60 Takashimaya vouchers!

    Make sure to check back on this thread to not miss out, as we'll be posting all bingo-related updates here.


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  • (Contest Fulfilled!)
    Fastest pairs of fingers win S$10 Lazada vouchers! Answer here~

    Everything Fun

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