Just a short story of my journey with $GME, I first invested in $GME with an average cost of $15 back in november. I realized my profits during the large spike in January and re-entered after it calmed down.

Why did I enter again despite the price being way above my previous entry?

The brokers prevented retail investors from buying the stock, essentially limiting the price of the stock and the only direction it could go was down. $GME had and still has a large short interest (Heavily shorted) Hedge Funds have admitted to not having had closed their short position during the Jan spike and that it was due to a Gamma Squeeze and not them closing their positions. $GME currently has a negative Beta (Stock moves opposite direction of broader market, i.e. Market red, GME green).

There are still many other reasons I believe the stock will increase in price but I implore you the reader, to read up on the stock and with your own due diligence, consider putting $GME into your watchlist.

I will be happy to answer any questions if you do have any.

Just to clarify, I am not a financial advisor nor do I come from a financial background. I do however, believe that $GME is a share that is one in a million investment opportunity and may never happen ever again