• Hi Telegram friends! Glad you've made it here. 😉

    Photo credits to @bykrystal on Unsplash

    I'm sure many of you have seen the news of how our local hawkers are facing challenging periods with the current heightened Phase 2 measures. We're heartened to see how the wider community has stepped up to help, from Redditor u/waffleboy92 creating a Google Maps overlay to showcase hawkers around the island, to the Hawkers United Facebook group continuing to spotlight lesser-known hawkers - we love the spirit!

    Now, it's your turn! Comment below with:

    Your favourite S$5 and below hawker meal and where to find it (include address, please!)

    A drool-worthy picture (if you have one!)

    The first 60 Telegram (For Students Only) members who comment below will receive a S$10 Lazada e-Voucher on us as a small token of appreciation. Don't forget to add it to the Help Our Hawkers map here.

    Only for the first 60 'DBS Students Only: Get Better at Money Telegram' members who are a new member as of 11 Jun 2021, 07:00PM. Contest closes 11:59PM on 10 June. Eligible winners will be contacted via email by 11 Jun 2021.

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  • How have you been getting your meals these days?


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