Hello. I am a foreigner from Korea and I used to work in Singapore for few months. I came back to my country last year.
The problem is I still have my money (the last income from my Singapore workplace) in the POSB account. I wanna do overseas transfer to my account(Korean account) so I tried to transfer on the website. I realized that my starhub phone simcard has expired on AUG-2021. Means, I can't even login to POSB app or website because mine was expired few days ago...(If there's no way to extend the expiry date of my Simcard)
I wanted to contect to POSB service team by mail but it seems like they don't offer their E-mail address.
How can I do with this? I don't have family or friends in Singapore... So I would like to ask here for anyone's help. Can anybody help me to know how can I reach to the POSB service-team or even give a conclusion about this??
Huge thanks for the help in advance.