Opens 30 August 2021 - start asking your questions below NOW


Excited to share yet another exclusive Community Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) segment. This week, we invite experts from DBS Property Martketplace to answer your questions—from home ownership to the best ways to refinance your loan, or simply to find out what the team's own home-buying journey looks like. 😉

Ask DBS Property Marketplace anything about…

❓ Should I go for a bank or HDB loan? 🤔
❓ BTO or resale? 🤷
❓ How much can I afford for my property? 💰
❓ How do I map out milestones in the journey? 🗺️

The AMA thread will be OPEN from 30 August to 5 September, during which our Property Marketplace team will be popping in to answer and engage with all of you.

It's simple: ask a question, get it answered. 👌 Look out for the @DBS handle and you'll know it's an official reply.

Bonus: To encourage insightful questions that will help our other members to learn and grow, the community team will pick *10 members to receive a S$10 eCapitaVoucher from us at the end of the AMA.

This AMA is intended to be an informative and educational session for members of The Burrow to learn from a topic expert at DBS. Questions can be submitted via this thread and will be answered at any time between 30 August to 5 September (when thread officially closes). Do note that Original Poster (OP) will not be addressing questions on financial advisory/stock picks and/or queries of a similar nature. Community Managers reserve the right to remove any questions that are not relevant and/or defamatory at their own discretion. Please refer to the Community Group Rules as a guideline.

Community Managers reserve the right to select 10 questions at their own discretion to receive a S$10 eCapitaVoucher, based on clarity and usefulness of question asked. Priority will be given to new Community members (between week of 16 August to 5 September) and members who are making their first community post.