Hey there #hearitfirst Burrowers, you've made it! 🎉

If you're reading this. you're most likely from The Burrow or POSB Parents Facebook groups, where our community has functioned over the last 2 years. Super excited to share that we've made it together—we're now one community known simply as 'The Burrow'!

Everything looks different! Where do I start? 🤔
Everything's shiny and new. Here are some tips:

1️⃣ Profile
Tap the circle icon on the top right corner, then 'Profile' from the dropdown menu. Here you'll be able to change your avatar, see your Bookmarked posts, and more!

2️⃣ Conversations
Say goodbye to the days of missing out important chats. We've categorised all fin lit conversations into 5 topics so you can easily find or start conversations you're interested in.

3️⃣ Learning Units
There's so much to do and learn. Why not start by familiarising yourselves with some helpful content we've put together? You'll pick up a tip or two about budgeting to the fundamentals of investing here.

Lots of exciting journeys to come. For now, please have fun, explore, and continue to #growwiththeburrow

Spot something that's not working quite right? Drop us a note at [email protected]. We'll be right with you. 🚧