• Insurance ☂️ We know the importance of it, but when you’re faced with the various types of insurance from life, health, to even general insurance (fun fact: did you know you can get protection for your insurance? 😁)—it can be challenging to decide what you really need to take up!

    P/S: everyone has different opinions, so we would like to hear from you! — feeling safe.


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  • What do you need to consider before making the insurance purchase? Follow our decision tree to find out! #growwiththeburrow

    1. Know what basic national health insurance cover you have, before purchasing additional plans
    2. Determine your personal needs for coverage & objectives for purchase – is protection your only concern or are you looking for an instrument for both protection & savings?
    3. Consider your life stage as well – do you have dependents to take care of or are you the sole breadwinner of your family?


    Life Insurance: Whole Life or Term?
    Here's how we understand it: Term Life is Iike subscribing to Netflix. As long as you are paying for it, you will enjoy the benefits. Whole Life is like a buying a house. Once you fully pay off the cost, you will own the asset for a lifetime.

    Read our infographic below to learn more about each plan! Lifeinsurance_lifeinsurance.jpg


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