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Money Management Mastery
Saving, Budgeting and Spending

Keep Your Financial Ladder Steady How Do I Build the Right Saving Mindset? Watch Out for Money Blind Spots!

CPF 101

What is CPF? From your child's CDA to their future CPF account Contributions Rates, What Happens After 55, CPF LIFE Matched Retirement Savings Scheme (MRSS)

All About Unit Trusts

Understanding Unit Trusts/Funds (UTs) Types of Unit Trusts How do I get started? Risk appetite and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

All About Exchange Traded Funds

What are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)? What to consider when buying an ETF? The difference between ETFs and UTs How Do I Get Started with ETFs?


All About Insurance Types of Health Insurance Different types of Insurance Policies Which life insurance is more suitable for me? Understanding Participating & Non-participating Policy Protecting your wealth as well!


Multiplier Interest with PayLah! A more INCLUSIVE Multiplier for you Multiplier for tertiary students Multiplier for NSFs! Multiplier for contract workers For your first S$25,000 For your first S$50,000 From S$50,000.01 to S$100,000 When does your Multiplier interest get credited? Fulfilling Income criteria is MANDATORY The 4 Multiplier categories to unlock! Bank & Earn Summary (B&E) Multi-Currency feature More useful Multiplier tips!

POSB Smart Buddy

SB 101