• Eating is our favorite hobby, and now we get to feast at our treasured hawker stalls AND get rewarded? #YESPLS πŸœπŸ›β˜•οΈ

    From now till 31 May, collect 2 stamps and receive instant cashback in your PayLah! account when you dine at selected hawker stalls in the North, North-East, and East regions.

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    ℹ️Get info on participating hawkers & this tasty deal here:<go.dbs.com/tbwstampcard2>


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  • Here's a fun round-up of the conversations we had over the month! 🧐

    Where do you fall under in terms of online behaviour? Have you gotten up to speed with learning about PayLah!

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  • Constantly changing to serve your lifestyle needs better!

    So Easy to PayLah!

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  • True or false? πŸ€” You can scan to pay with PayLah! even when you don’t spot our logo. Answer: 100% true βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

    Check out our infographic for more details!

    Scan and PayLah! (Accepted by NETS QR, SGQR, PayNow QR)
    Many people found it surprising to know that they can scan and PayLah! at over 55,000 stores using NETS QR, SGQR and even PayNow QR! Major merchants are shown below, but definitely visit https://go.dbs.com/paylah to find out where else PayLah! is accepted. #growwiththeburrow


    So Easy to PayLah!

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  • Did you know? PayLah! works with PayNow.

    Caught in a situation where you want to transfer funds to someone with only PayNow? Here's how it works!


    So Easy to PayLah!

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  • It's clear that there are still many misconceptions around this all-in-one app! Check out our infographics that's breaking down (literally) the app! πŸ˜†

    Fun fact: The basic functions of PayLah! are available to you even if you don't bank with DBS/POSB! #growwiththeburrow

    So Easy to PayLah!

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  • Scan, Load and Redeem with PayLah! Get to know QR Gift - the novel and safe way to upkeep the tradition of exchanging cash gifts at festive occasions.

    There's lots in store all year round with QR Gift! Find out more <go.dbs.com/2oGtOI2>


    So Easy to PayLah!

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  • Have some burning questions around QR Gift? 🧐 find the answers here, or ask a question below!


    So Easy to PayLah!

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  • Ever wondered how to use QR Gift? All you need is PayLah! to efficiently get the job done in a few easy steps!

    Pro tip: With the bulk upload function, you can scan up to 10 QR Gift cards consecutively and then pick your chosen cash value for all 10 cards - don’t forget to add a personalised message!


    What's more, make life simpler, safer and more efficient when you use QR Gift. Learn more about the 3 key benefits:


    So Easy to PayLah!

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  • How else does QR Gift cards save you time? BULK UPLOADS!
    You can load up to 10 cards in one go! πŸ’¨ Watch the video here!

    P.S. Not only are DBS QR Gift cards are made from environmentally-friendly paper, they reduce time and hassle to prep for ANY special occasions. Get yours today at our pop-up ATMS, branches or DBS Treasures Centres

    So Easy to PayLah!

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  • Start earning higher interest with:

    Income and PayLah! Retail Spend

    Credit your income and transact with PayLah! retail spend, adding up to S$500 or more.


    PayLah! Retail Spend (29 years old and below with no eligible income)

    Transact with PayLah! retail spend with no minimum spend required


    DBS Multiplier 101

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