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    To celebrate our Telegram channel's 1st birthday, we're giving away a S$10 eCapitaVoucher to the first 50 Telegram friends who share...

    What is the NUMBER ONE money lesson you hope to learn? Comment below!

    Only for the first 50 'DBS For Young Adults' Telegram subscribers who register as a new The Burrow member as of 28 Jun 2021, 07:00PM. Contest closes 11:59PM on 30 Jun 2021. Eligible winners will be contacted via email by 30 Jun 2021. Community Managers reserve the right to determine the eligibility of Participants.

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  • Hi Telegram friends! Glad you've made it here. 😉

    Photo credits to @bykrystal on Unsplash

    I'm sure many of you have seen the news of how our local hawkers are facing challenging periods with the current heightened Phase 2 measures. We're heartened to see how the wider community has stepped up to help, from Redditor u/waffleboy92 creating a Google Maps overlay to showcase hawkers around the island, to the Hawkers United Facebook group continuing to spotlight lesser-known hawkers - we love the spirit!

    Now, it's your turn! Comment below with:

    Your favourite S$5 and below hawker meal and where to find it (include address, please!)

    A drool-worthy picture (if you have one!)

    The first 60 Telegram (For Students Only) members who comment below will receive a S$10 Lazada e-Voucher on us as a small token of appreciation. Don't forget to add it to the Help Our Hawkers map here.

    Only for the first 60 'DBS Students Only: Get Better at Money Telegram' members who are a new member as of 11 Jun 2021, 07:00PM. Contest closes 11:59PM on 10 June. Eligible winners will be contacted via email by 11 Jun 2021.

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