DBS & POSB Communities Guidelines

  1. Be kind and courteous​

    Help us create a welcoming and positive environment for all members. Treat everyone with respect and patience. Do not use offensive language or make hateful/discriminatory comments.

  2. Remember to protect your privacy and that of others​

    Please refrain from sharing personal information or asking questions related to your personal accounts as they will be visible to everyone in the platform. Please also avoid sharing personal information of third parties without their consent (including photos, etc.). ​

  3. Give more to this community than you take​

    Share ideas and stories! DO NOT post referral or self-promotion messages, spam, selling/trading posts, external events OR collect data, solicit customers for own business. Posts will be removed at our discretion. Email [email protected] if you have queries or if you’d like to collaborate with us on an initiative

  4. Maintain a safe, friendly & transparent community​

    Usernames and posts must be appropriate and not contain items of an offensive nature. To protect members and the integrity of our platform, we reserve the right to remove profiles, posts and/or members that we deem unsuitable.

  5. Sharing is caring​

    By being a part of our community, you grant DBS & POSB Communities the rights to use any images​ resulting from photography/video filming on the forum and/or community events.​

  6. Need banking assistance? Try these tools! ​

    DBS & POSB Communities is a place for insightful discussions and sharing. If you have account-related questions, use the dedicated options mentioned above for assistance.