Pay like a local with your enhanced Multi-Currency Account

Access 12 foreign currencies and the Singapore dollar conveniently with one account and transact at your preferred rates wherever you are. With the Multi-Currency Account (MCA) linked with your DBS Visa Debit Card as the primary account, you can now travel the world and pay like a local in up to 11 foreign currencies* with no foreign exchange fees. Your foreign currency transactions will be debited directly from the respective foreign currency wallet.

*Renminbi Offshore (CNH) is not available for this card payment feature


The Enhanced Multi-Currency Functionality

If your MCA is linked as the primary account to your DBS Visa Debit Card, purchases made in foreign currencies and overseas ATM cash withdrawals will be automatically deducted from your respective foreign currency wallet(s) at no foreign exchange conversion fees.

Functionalities of the MCA:

  • Direct foreign currency point-of-sale purchases*
  • Online / eCommerce foreign currency spend*
  • Overseas ATM local currency withdrawal*
  • Internet / Mobile banking (24/7 currency funds transfer, Remittance)
  • Cheque Payment

For example, you wish to make a EUR300 purchase in Paris using your MCA linked DBS Visa Debit Card. This EUR300 purchase will be deducted directly from the funds in your EUR wallet and not from your SGD funds. There will be no foreign exchange conversion fees and no additional administrative fees at purchase. Similarly, for overseas ATM cash withdrawals, you will be able to withdraw foreign currency funds directly from the respective foreign currency wallet(s) in your MCA Account. Overseas ATM cash withdrawal fees may apply.

*Renminbi Offshore (CNH) is not available for the new functions stated above and all CNH purchases will be defaulted to SGD.

Note: If there are insufficient foreign currency funds in your MCA Account, the entire foreign currency transaction will be deducted from your SGD funds. Should you have insufficient SGD funds, the entire transaction will be declined. Partial withdrawal or purchase is not available.


Eligible MCA Accounts and DBS Visa Debit Cards

Eligible (Joint/Single) Multi-Currency Autosave Accounts:

  • eMulti-Currency Autosave
  • eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus
  • Multi-Currency Autosave
  • Multi-Currency Autosave Plus
  • Expatriate eMulti-Currency Autosave
  • Expatriate eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus account
  • Multiplier Account
  • My Account

Eligible DBS Visa Debit Cards:


Linking my DBS Visa Debit Card to my MCA Account

To link your MCA to any of the eligible DBS Visa Debit Card(s) as your primary debiting account, simply select the "Change Card Linkage" function on internet banking or Digibank (mobile banking). Login to internet banking here.

Note that this new card payment feature will not be applicable if your MCA is not linked as the primary account for your DBS Visa Debit Card.


Using the new Multi-Currency Functionality

  1. How many foreign currencies can I transact with my MCA-linked DBS Visa Debit Card?

    The 11 available foreign currencies are: Australia Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Kroner, Sterling Pound, Swedish Kroner, Thai Baht and US Dollar.

    Renminbi Offshore (CNH) is not available for the new card payment function.

    However, the MCA can hold deposits for all the above mentioned 12 foreign currencies and the Singapore dollar.

  2. Do I need to select the foreign currency for my overseas / online transaction before I make a purchase or an ATM cash withdrawal?

    There is no need to manually select the currency for your transaction. The currency will be defaulted to what the merchant or ATM is offering.

    In most online shopping sites, you may select your desired foreign currency mode of payment. As such, your settlement currency will be in the foreign currency you have selected. Please ensure your selected foreign currency is correctly reflected in the online receipt/invoice.

    If the website has converted your purchases to their local currency during checkout, you will be charged in their local currency accordingly and foreign exchange charges may apply. The final currency charged to you is usually shown during checkout.

  3. What option should I select on the overseas ATM screen for foreign currency cash withdrawals?

    Generally, overseas ATM withdrawals will be deducted from your primary account. However, if prompted, please select "Checking/Current Account" to withdraw foreign currency cash overseas from your MCA using your DBS Visa Debit Card.

    You will be able to withdraw cash directly from your foreign currency wallet on the condition that you have sufficient funds in your foreign currency wallet. Otherwise, the foreign currency cash withdrawal will be deducted from your SGD wallet.

  4. How do I check the balance and transactions made on my MCA Account via my DBS Visa Debit Card?

    You may monitor all your transactions and balances via digibank App, internet banking or through your monthly bank statements.

  5. Are there any fees when I transact in foreign currency using my MCA-linked DBS Visa Debit Card?

    There will not be any additional foreign currency conversion fees for your point-of-sale or online purchases and overseas cash withdrawals directly debited from your foreign currency wallets.

    For overseas ATM cash withdrawals, DBS ATM fees will be waived for:

    • DBS Treasures / Treasures Private Client / Private Bank Visa Debit Cards
    • Withdrawals made using DBS cards at DBS ATMs overseas and Westpac Group ATMs in Australia (Westpac, St. George Bank, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA)

    Otherwise, there will be fees applied. Please click here to view.


Other General Enquiries

  1. What happens when I close my Multi-Currency Autosave (MCA) Account?

    Your DBS Visa Debit Card linked to your MCA Account as primary account will be closed upon closure of the account.

    This card closure is required along with your MCA account closure to deactivate the Multi-Currency feature on your DBS Visa Debit Card. Should your card still have outstanding transaction that is pending settlement, do note that the Card cannot be closed until you settle all outstanding transactions.

    Kindly note that this is mentioned in the Debit Card Agreement, Clause 4.6. More details here.