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Service Request : Add New Funds Transfer Payee (Interbank)
Please mail the printed and signed form to us at DBS Bank - Channel Services, 2 Changi Business Park Crescent, #07-05, DBS Asia Hub, Singapore (486 029)

Please call 1800 111 1111 for assistance. From overseas, please call (+65) 6327 2265.
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1. Add Payee for Interbank Funds Transfer
2. iB Message
1. Customised name allows you to name the account for your easy reference.
2. Your initials will be reflected in the statement of the receiving account.
3. Please check with your payee if you are unsure of the 4-digit Payee Bank Code and 3-digit Branch Code.
4. DBS iBanking service must be activated to access iB Message.
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