DBS iBanking ESA Withdrawal FAQs

  1. What is ESA Withdrawal service used for?

    You may use ESA (Electronic Security Application) Withdrawal service to withdraw your applications for securities which have subsequently issued supplementary prospectus.

  2. How do I know if an Electronic Security Application has been issued with a supplementary prospectus?

    You may enquire with the issuing manager or Singapore Exchange on the issuance of supplementary prospectus.

  3. Can I withdraw my ESA via DBS iBanking while I am overseas?

    Yes, provided you observe and comply with all the laws and regulations of Singapore and those of the country that you are in at the point of application, and your mailing address for DBS iBanking is in Singapore.

  4. Can I cancel a ESA Withdrawal after I have submitted it via DBS iBanking?

    No, you cannot reverse the withdrawal once the transaction is completed. You may however re-apply for the security on the Electronic Security Application (the "ESA") service.

  5. I am unable to withdraw a particular Electronic Security Application (ESA) I have previously made. Why is this so?

    There's a few reasons why you may not be able to withdraw your ESA:

    • The Share Application has not been issued with any supplementary prospectus.
    • You have exceeded the number of permitted withdrawals.
      Note that you may only withdraw once for each supplementary prospectus issued.

  6. When will my money be refunded for my Withdrawal?

    For successful withdrawals, your application monies will be refunded to your bank account immediately.