Advanced Market Data allows you to customise and view up to 10 levels of Bid and Ask prices and monitor real-time price streams. Transaction Screener allows you to filter large transactions in real-time to identify transactions causing markets to move.
Advanced Market Data allows you to view Trade Distribution, Bid and Ask and Time & Sales of a stock. This is only available for SG and HK markets.
To begin, mouse over Trade then select Advanced Market Data.

You can also mouse over the more action icon to access Advanced Market Data.

In the Advanced Market Data screen, key in the stock name or code.
Then select the stock you wish to view.

With Advanced Market Data*, you are able to view the Trade Distribution, Bid & Ask and Time & Sales of a stock.
  • Trade Distribution will show you the Buy and Sell volume and the number of transactions executed at the specific transacted price.
  • You can view up to 20 levels of volume and the price at which a stock can be sold and/or bought using Bid & Ask (a.k.a Market Depth) to monitor market movements.
  • Time and sales are useful to track the price movement of a stock. It will show you the time, price, trade size and action of each trade done in chronological order.

*To gain access to Market Depth, please contact your Relationship Manager to find out more.

You can view the real-time data of up to 4 different stocks.

Transaction Screener will show you trades of more than $1Million or $500K executed on SG and HK markets.
To view the trades, mouse over Trade and click Transaction Screener.

You can screen the transactions by selecting the criteria from the drop-down menu.

This screen shows the matching transactions for the criteria you have selected.