Technical Analysis tool allows you to analyse price movements of a stock through its past market prices and volume. Also, with the use of technical indicators, you can forecast the trend of a stock and develop your own trading strategy.
Mouse over to Markets and select Charting.

You may key in the Stock name or symbol that you will like to view.

Mouse your cursor along the chart to view past prices and volume of the stock displayed in the action box.

Hover your mouse over to Add Indicator.
Select the type of indicator that you will like to add to your chart, to identify market trends.

Select File, input the customised name for your chart then proceed to Save chart template for future reference.

From the File drop-down, select Load to retrieve your saved chart.
Once you have selected the chart, proceed to Load.
You can save up to 5 charts for your easy reference.

You can also save a similar charting template for other stock counters, from Save Template.

Selecting Load Template allows you to call out the saved template. Click Load to complete task.