This guide will help you better navigate your DBS Online Equity Trading Account and improve your trading journey with us through a series of visual illustrations. Let’s get started.

01. Log in via iBanking and you will arrive at the welcome page.
Select Invest tab, complete your iBanking login using Second Factor Authentication (2FA) and you're set.

Step 1


02. You will come to your personal investment portfolio.
Look for the Equity section and proceed to Trade. You will be directed to the next page to select the Wealth Management Account Portfolio(s) that you would like to transact from.

Step 2


03. For clients with single portfolio, please click Next.
For clients with multiple portfolio accounts, please select the portfolio of your preference to transact from.

Step 3


04. Mouse over to Trade tab and choose Place Order from the drop-down menu.

Step 4


05. On this order placement page, you can select your stock counter through the Stock Search bar.
Put in your order details, i.e. the Price, Quantity, Order Duration, etc.
Continue by previewing your order submission.
How much and what currency do you have to trade?
Simply refer to your Buying Power located on the right.

Step 5


06. Upon landing on your Order Preview page, a summary is detailed for your viewing.
Ensure that your order is correct and click on Confirm Order.

Step 6


07. Your order has been successfully placed.

Step 7



Your order status will be queuing while waiting for fulfillment, once it has been submitted during the market operating hours. Otherwise, your order will be pending.
Mouse over to Trade tab and choose Order Status, for the status of your order.
If you wish to make amendments to your order, mouse over the More Action icon to amend or cancel your order.
Notes: Amendment is only applicable for Order Quantity for the following markets: Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan & U.K. Amendment in Price is available for Sell Orders for Hong Kong market only.

Step 8