Stock comparer allows you to compare stocks within the same sector, and other stocks in your watchlists. With over 100 parameters to base your comparison, you can now make a more well-informed decision with your selected stock.
Mouse over Markets and click on Stock Comparer.

Select one of the 3 options to compare the stock:
  • Within the same sector
  • With other stocks in your Watchlist
  • With four other stocks
Enter the stock name or symbol that you will like to compare.
Select from the drop-down list of Exchanges that you wish to view from e.g. SGX.
Once you are ready, click Compare to view the results.

At this Results page, you will be able to see the stock that you chose previously.
Click on Add/Remove Comparison Fields to edit.
Click on Export to Excel to export the result to an Excel file.

At the Add/Remove Comparison Fields screen, click on the drop-down arrow and add the different field that you will like to view.
Once you are done, click on Get Results to see the comparison fields.

You can also choose to remove the conditions by clicking on the Remove button.