You have over 100 parameters to filter and select stocks based on your specified conditions. This means you can now narrow and screen investment opportunities through your own strategies or ready-made strategies that are customisable, saveable and which you can export for future use across 7 markets.
Stock Screener allows you to create your trading criteria and compare stocks.
Mouse over Markets and click on Stock Screener.

At the Stock Screener page, you can create your own trading strategy.
Choose your criteria from the criteria selection menu.
Once you are done with your selections, click Get Results.

The result will be displayed on the Stock Screener Results page.
You can export the results to Excel, edit the Strategy or save the Strategy.

Click on Save Strategy to save your criteria.

After you have landed on the Save Strategy page, key in the name for your strategy and then click the Save button.

Your strategy will appear in the My Strategy tab.

You can use Ready Strategies to view results from ready-made strategies.

Select the exchanges from the drop-down menu and click Get Results.

If you wish to edit your criteria for the Ready Strategies, click the Edit button.

Then select your new criteria.
Once done, you can click on Save Strategy and then Get Results.