Creating a watchlist allows you to monitor your favourite stocks in a customisable list, and stay well-informed with the market.
Mouse over Trade, then select Watchlist.

You can select and view the Watchlist you have saved via the drop-down arrow.
To create or modify your watchlist, click on Edit Watchlist.

From this pop-up window, you can create or modify and make changes to your Watchlist.
To customise the name of your Watchlist, simply click on Edit Name.

Select the Watchlist that you will like to add and sort your stocks accordingly.
You can also search for stock(s) that you wish to monitor, and add them to your Watchlist.
Repeat the above step to add your favourite stocks to the Watchlist.

Now that you have input your favourite stocks into the Watchlist, you can modify the sequence of the stocks by using the Up or Down button.
Once you are done, click on the Save Changes button.

The stocks will appear in the Watchlist that you have added to.

Click on Customise Fields to personalise the fields on your pricing screen.

Select the fields that you wish to monitor from the menu, on the left column.
Add and remove your selected fields using the right arrow (>) and left arrow (<) respectively.
Modify the sequence of your selected fields by using the Up or Down buttons.
Once you are done, you can proceed to Save Changes.